Universities in Sweden

Sweden is a country located in Northern Europe between Finland and Norway. Studies in Sweden universities are financed by taxes. The program in universities of Sweden is divided into two general categories, preparatory and vocational program. Students need to acquire various special qualifications to attend university courses and program. After gymnasieskola, students can apply to a university in Sweden in order to receive a tertiary education. Public universities and university colleges offer general academic degrees and a number of professional and vocational degrees in fields such as medical, accounting, engineering, law and medicine. Higher education is free of charge for Swedes and foreigners. The higher education in Sweden is divided into three levels: basic level (grundnivå), advanced level (avancerad nivå), and graduate level (forskarnivå). 

List of Universities in Sweden

Universities of Sweden Courses in Sweden Universities Contact Details
Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with Emphasis in Telecommunication
Master of Science in Computer Science with emphasis on Security
Bachelor in Literature, Culture, and Digital Media (LCDM)
Master of Science in Software Engineering
MSc in Business Administration
MSc in Electrical Engineering, with emphasis on Signal Processing
Master in Innovation, Entrepeneurship and Business Development
MSc in Electrical Engineering, with emphasis on Radio Communications
Master of Science in Computer Science
MSc in Electrical Engineering, with emphasis on Telecommunications Systems
Master of Science in Design, Interaction and Game Technologies
MSc in Mathematical Modelling and Simulation
Master of Science in Informatics
MSc in Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Structural Mechanics
Master of Science in Computer Science with Emphasis on Intelligent
Master of Sustainable Product-Service System Innovation
Blekinge Institute of Technology, 
SE-371 79 Karlskrona, Sweden
Phone:             +46 455 38 50 00       
Fax: +46 455 38 50 57
Chalmers University of Technology Advanced Engineering Materials (M.Sc)
Master of Industrial Design Engineering
Applied Physics (M.Sc)
Interaction Design (M.Sc)
Master of Architecture (M.Arch)
Master of Interior Architecture
Architecture and Engineering (M.Sc)
Microtechnology (M.Sc)
Master of Automotive Engineering
Materials and Nanotechnology (M.Sc)
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (M.Sc)
Networks and Distributed Systems (M.Sc)
Biomedical Engineering (M.Sc)
Master of Nuclear Engineering
Master of Biotechnology
Master of Production Engineering
Master of Business Design
Master of Software Engineering and Technology
Chemistry and Bioscience (M.Sc)
Master of Supply Chain Management
Master of Communication Engineering
Master of Systems, Control and Mechatronics
Master of Electric Power Engineering
Master of Wireless and Photonics Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
SE-412 96 Goteborg
Tel :             +46-(0)31 772 10 00      
Fax +46 31 772 3872
Dalarna University Bachelor of International Business Marketing (IBM)
Master in Applied Statistics
Bachelor of International Tourism Management
Master in Solar Energy Engineering
Master in Economics
Master in Tourism Destination Development
Högskolan Dalarna
SE-791 88 Falun
Ph:-             (+46) (0)23-77 80 00      
Fax 023-77 80 80
Ersta Sköndal University College Nursing (B.Sc)
Master of Social Work
Specialist Geriatric (M.Sc)
Ersta Sköndal University College
Campus Ersta
Stigbergsgatan 30, Box 11189, SE-100 61 Stockholm
Tel:             +46 8 555 050 00       
Fax: +46 8 550 050 60 
Ersta Sköndal University College
Campus Skondal
Herbert Widmans väg 12, Box 441, SE-128 06 Sköndal
Tel:             +46 8 555 050 00      
Fax: +46 8 550 051 65
Gothenburg University College Textile - Garment (B.A)
Marketing and Consumption (M.Sc)
Master of Computer Science
Tourism and Hospitality Management (M.Sc)
Ecotoxicology (M.Sc)
Molecular Biology (M.Sc)
Accounting (M.Sc)
Systems Biology (M.Sc)
Economics (M.Sc)
Bachelor of Software Engineering and Management
Finance (M.Sc)
Master of Software Engineering and Management
Management (M.Sc)
Mathematical Sciences (M.Sc)
University of Gothenburg
PO Box 100, SE-405 30 
Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone             46(0)31 786 10 00      
Gotland University Master in International Management
Master of Science (MSc) in Wind Power Project Management
Gotland University
SE - 621 67 Visby
Phone:             +46 (0)498-29 98 60      
Fax: +46 (0)498-29 98 88
Halmstad University Master in International Marketing
Master in Management of Innovation and Business Development - Technical Project
Master in Technical Project- and Business Management
Master in Computer Network Engineering
Master in Applied Environmental Science
Master in Computer Systems Engineering
Master in Management of Innovation and Business Development
Master in Financial Mathematics
Master in Management of Innovation and Business Development- Marketing
Master in Microelectronics and Photonics
Master n Management of Inn.and Business Development- Strat.Management and Leadership
Halmstad University
PO Box 823
SE-301 18 Halmstad
Telephone:             +46 35 16 71 00      
Jonkoping University Bachelor of Business and IT Management
Master of Information Engineering and Management
Bachelor of International Economics and Policy
Master of Product Development and Management
Bachelor of International Management
Master of Production Development and Materials Engineering
Master in Economics & Finance
Master of Industrial Design
Master of Economics and Management of Entertainment & Arts
Information Engineering (Ph.D)
Master of Information Technology and Management
Accounting and Finance (Ph.D)
Master of Innovation and Business Creation
Economics (Ph.D)
Master of International Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Jönköping University 
P.O. Box 1026
SE-551 11 Jönköping
Phone:             +46 (0)36 10 10 00      
Fax: +46 (0)36 15 08 12
Karlstad University Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Finance & Accounting
Master of Science in Engineering, Chemical Engineering
Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Management
Master of Science in Engineering, Engineering Physics
Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Marketing
Master of Science in Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Service Management
Master of Science in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Master in Industrial Management
Master in Electrical Engineering
Master in Computer Science
Master in Nanomaterials
Master in Global Media Studies
Karlstad University
SE-651 88 Karlstad
Tel:             +46 (0)54 700 10 00      
Fax: +46 (0)54 700 14 6
Karolinska Institutet Master in Bioentrepreneurship
Master in Health Informatics
Master in Biomedicine
Master in Public Health Sciences
Master in Global Health
Master in Toxicology
Karolinska Institutet 
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Phone:            +46 8 524 800 00       
Fax: +46 8 31 11 01
Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design Ceramics and Glass (M.A)
Textile in the Expanded Field (M.A)
Experience Design (M.A)
InSpace (M.A)
Jewellery + Corpus (M.A)
Formgiving Intelligence (M.A)
Storytelling (M.A)
Art in the Public Realm (M.A)
Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
P.O. Box 3601
S-126 27 Hägersten
Telephone:             + 46 (0)8 450 41 00      
Fax: + 46 (0)8 450 41 29
Kristianstad University College Master in Marketing
Master of Science Education
Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
Master in Educational Sciences
Bachelor of Computer Software Development
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Laboratory Science
Business Administration and Economics (B.Sc)
Master of Integrative Health Science
Master of Mathematics Education
Master in Sustainable Water Management
Kristianstad University College
291 88 Kristianstad 
Ph:- 044-20 30 00 
Fax:- 044-12 96 51
KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology Master of Architecture
Computational and Systems Biology (M.Sc)
Master of Architectural Lighting Design
Computer Networks (M.Sc)
Master of Architectural Lighting Design and Health
Design and Implementation of ICT Products and Systems (M.Sc)
Master of Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
Engineering and Management of Information Systems (M.Sc)
Master of Medical Biotechnology
Information and Communication Systems Security (M.Sc)
Economics of Innovation and Growth (M.Sc)
Machine Learning (M.Sc)
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure (M.Sc)
Media Management (M.Sc)
Geodesy and Geoinformatics (M.Sc)
Software Engineering of Distributed Systems (M.Sc)
Infrastructure Engineering (M.Sc)
Engineering Materials Science (M.Sc)
Real Estate Development and Financial Services (M.Sc)
Mathematics (M.Sc.)
Sustainable Urban Planning and Design (M.Sc)
Scientific Computing (M.Sc)
Transport Systems (M.Sc)
Aerospace Engineering (M.Sc)
Water System Technology (M.Sc)
Engineering Design (M.Sc)
Chemical Engineering for Energy and the Environment (M.Sc)
Engineering Mechanics (M.Sc)
Macromolecular Materials (M.Sc)
Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering (M.Sc)
Molecular Science and Engineering (M.Sc)
Naval Architecture (M.Sc)
Electric Power Engineering (M.Sc)
Production Engineering and Management (M.Sc)
Electrophysics (M.Sc)
Project Management and Operational Development (M.Sc)
Network Services and Systems (M.Sc)
Sustainable Energy Engineering (M.Sc)
Photonics (M.Sc)
Sustainable Technology (M.Sc)
System-on-Chip Design (M.Sc)
Vehicle Engineering (M.Sc)
Systems, Control and Robotics (M.Sc)
Medical Imaging (M.Sc)
Wireless Systems (M.Sc)
Engineering Physics (M.Sc)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (M.Sc)
Nanotechnology (M.Sc)
Industrial Management (M.Sc)
Nuclear Energy Engineering (M.Sc)
Communication Systems (M.Sc)
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 
SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden |
Phone             +46 8 790 60 00      
Linkoping University (LiU) Advanced Computer Graphics (M.Sc)
Wireless Networks and Electronics (M.Sc)
Biomedical Engineering (M.Sc)
Medical Biosciences (M.Sc)
Communication Electronics (M.Sc)
Applied Ethology and Animal Biology (M.Sc)
Communication Systems (M.Sc)
Ecology and the Environment (M.Sc)
Computer Science (M.Sc)
Molecular Genetics and Physiology (M.Sc)
Computer Systems (M.Sc)
Science for Sustainable Development (M.Sc)
Energy and Environmental Engineering (M.Sc)
Bachelor of International Accounting
Engineering Biology (M.Sc)
Bachelor of International Business
Intelligent Transport Systems (M.Sc)
Bachelor of Project Management
Management of Innovation and Product Development (M.Sc)
Bioinformatics - Medical Applications (B.Sc)
Manufacturing Management (M.Sc)
Infectious Biology - Clinical Perspectives (B.Sc)
Materials Physics and Nanotechnology
Medical Genetics (B.Sc)
Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc)
Neurobiology (B.Sc)
Software Engineering and Management (M.Sc)
Pharmacodynamics (B.Sc)
Statistics and Data Mining (M.Sc)
Tumour Biology (B.Sc)
System-on-Chip (Socware)- M.Sc
Structural Methodology in Molecular Medicine (B.Sc)
Linköping University
Tel:             +46 13 28 10 00      
Fax: +46 13 14 94 03
Lulea University of Technology Master of Science in Wood Technology
Mobile Systems (M.Sc)
Digital Curation (M.Sc)
Civil Engineering, with Specialization in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering (M.Sc)
Information Security (M.Sc)
Space Science and Technology (M.Sc)
Material Engineering (M.Sc)
Sustainable IT(M.Sc)
Lulea University of Technology
SE-971 87 LULEA Sweden
Phone:             +46 (0)920 - 49 10 00      
Fax: +46 (0)920 - 49 13 99
Lund university Master of Accounting & Auditing
Food Technology & Nutrition (M.Sc)
Master of Accounting & Management Control
Geology (M.Sc)
Bioinformatics (M.Sc)
Master of Information System
Biology, Animal Ecology (M.Sc)
Master of International Marketing & Brand Management
Biology, Chemical Ecology (M.Sc)
Master of Management- Research
Biology, Plant Ecology (M.Sc)
Molicular Biology, Microbiology (M.Sc)
Biotechnology (M.Sc)
Nanoscience (M.Sc)
Chemistry (M.Sc)
Photonics (M.Sc)
Master of Corporate & Financial Management
Physics (M.Sc)
Master of Economics
Master of Service Management, Tourism and Hospitality
Master of Finance
Wirless Communication (M.Sc)
Film and Media Production (M.Sc)
Lund University 
Box 117 S-221 00 Lund Sweden
Telephone:            0046 (0)46 222 00 00      
Fax: 0046 (0)46 222 47 20
Malardalen University Master of International Marketing
Master of Software Engineering
Master of IT Management
Master of Intelligent Embedded Systems
Master in Sustainable Energy Systems
Master of Product and Process Development - Production and Logistics
Master in Energy Optimization for Buildings
Master of Financial Engineering
Master of Quality in Process Technology
Master in Inland Water Quality Assessment
Master of Software Engineering
Bachelor of Analytical Finance
Master of Process and Resource Optimization
Bachelor of International Business Management
Malardalen University 
Box 883 
721 23 Västeras/Eskilstuna 
Ph:- 021-10 13 00, 016-15 36 00
Malmo University Bachelor of International Migration and Ethnic Relations
Master in Public Health
Bachelor of International Relations
Materials Science (M.Sc)
Master of Computer Science
Master in Health Communication, Health Education and Empowerment
Master in Interaction Design
Master of Project Management and Organization
Biomedical Methods and Technology (M.Sc)
Master of Public Health and Health Promotion
Malmö University
205 06 Malmö
Tel: 040 - 665 70 00
Mid Sweden University Master in Behavioural- and Social Sciences
Master in Human Resources
Master of Business Administration (MBA)- Marketing & Management
International Master in in Pulp and Paper Engineering
International Master in Computer Engineering
Master in Tourism
International Master in Electronic Design
International Master in Sports Technology
International Master in Journalism, Media and Democracy
International Bachelor in Computer Engineering
International Master in Design
International Bachelor in Biology
Master in Human Geography Focusing on Tourism
International Bachelor in Ecotechnology
Master in Ecotechnology and Sustainable Development
Mid Sweden University 
S-871 88 Härnösand
Phone:             +46 771 975 000      
Fax: +46 771 975 001
Orebro University Master of Biomedicine and Methods in Medical Diagnostics
Master in Applied Statistics
Economics and Econometrics (M.Sc)
Master in Molecular Medical Biology
Global Journalism (M.A)
Master in Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Master of Health and Environmental Economics
Orebro University
SE-701 82 Orebro, Sweden
Tel.             +46 19 303000      

List of colleges in Sweden 

Name & Address Phone & Email
Blekinge Institute of Technology SE-371 79 Karlskorna, Sweden Ph:             +46 455 38 5000       
Fax: +46 455 38 5057 
Email: registrator@bth.se 
Web: www.bth.se
Chalmers University of Technology 
Se-412 96 Goteborg, Sweden
Ph:             +46 31 772 1000      
Web: www.chalmers.se
Hogskolan Dalarna 
791 88 Falun Sweden
Ph:             +46 23 77 8000       
Fax: +46 23 77 8050 
Web: www.du.se
Gammelkroppa School of
Forestry Gammelkroppa
Skogskola Box 64, 682 22 
Ph:             +46 0590 910 10       
Fax: +46 0590 910 22 
Web: www.gammelkroppa.pp.se
Stockholm School of Economics 
Sveavagen 65, Stockholm
Ph:             +46 8 736 9000       
Fax: +46 8 31 8186 
Email: info@hhs.se 
Web: www.hhs.se
Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences 
Box 5626, S-114 86 
Stockholm Sweden
Ph:             +46 8 402 2200       
Fax: +46 8 402 2280 
Email: registrator@gih.se 
Web: www.gih.se
The Royal College of Music in Stockholm 
Box 27711, SE-115 91 Stockholm
Ph:             +46 8 16 1800       
Fax: +46 8 664 1424
The Royal Institute of Technology 
SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Ph:             +46 8 790 6000       
Web: www.kth.se
Karolinska Institute 
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Ph:             +46 8 31 1101       
Email: registrator@ki.se 
Web: www.ki.se
The Stockholm Institute of Education
P.O. Box 34103, S-100 26 Stockholm
Ph:             +46 8 737 5500       
Fax: +46 8 737 5750 
Web: www.lhs.se
National Academy of Mime and Acting 
P.O. Box 20044 SE-104 60 Stockholm Sweden
Ph:             +46 8 55 60 9300       
Fax: +46 8 702 9580 
Email: info@teaterhogskolan.se
Web: www.teaterhogskolan.se

Given below is the complete list of Universities in Sweden. You can click on the University of your choice and get all the required information about that University.


Kungl Tekniska Högskolan Linkoping University
Jönköping International Business School Lund Institute of Technology
Lund University Mälardalens Högskola
 Mid Sweden University Stockholm School of Economics
  Stockholm University   Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  Umeå University   University of Boras
  University of Falun/Borlänge   University College of Gävle/Sandviken
  University College of Kalmar   University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
  University of Karlstad   University of Kristianstad
  University College of Örebro   University of Skövde
  Uppsala Universitet    

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