Universities in UK

UK is an island-country located in Western Europe, between the North Atlantic ocean and the North Sea. It enjoys a temperate climate, with more than one-half of the days overcast. It is a Constitutional Monarchy and it is one of the key members of the EU. Its monetary unit is the Pound Sterling. It is a leading trading power as well as a Financial Centre in the world. The UK economy is one the strongest in the world and inflation, interest rates and unemployment remain low. The level of literacy is the UK is 99%. 
Students attending universities in England do a three year course to earn a bachelor's degree, both for an ordinary degree or an honours degree. Some of the world’s most popular industry in UK is the Oxbridge universities and Cambridge University. In UK universities the academic degrees are split into classes: first class, upper second class, lower second class and third. In many universities ordinary degrees are often confined when a student don’t pass enough modules. Before choosing a course, students need to diligently think about the subjects’ interest of his/her interest and the type of qualification one wants. 

University Sector Colleges.

I.e. Institutions which are not universities but run a substantial number of degree courses usually in conjunction with a local university.

International Colleges and Universities

Foreign institutions with campuses in the United Kingdom

Professional and Postgraduate Institutions

Including consortia of universities with separate campuses.

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