Job In Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt has an annual growth rate of 4.8% (2005 est.) and is estimated to grow further at a higher rate. It has an abundance of natural resources which helps in its economic prosperity. This helps in the abundance of jobs in Egypt. The Egyptian Parliament in the year 2004 has reformed its policies and this has helped in reducing tariffs and taxes. This has made the jobs in Egypt more attractive and interesting to the people.

The economic policies are made in such a manner that they foster the private sector and this helps in improving the competitiveness of the country as well as its economy. The public sector is still controlled by the heavy industries.

In order to get a suitable jobs in Egypt one has to be pro-active. It is always appreciated if a person has taken up some job as

an undergraduate. This work placement can be a part of a degree course as well. Summer placements with different companies are also given equal importance. If a person is interested in a particular field, he/she can work as a key member with the staff of that company and gain experience. Employers in Egypt want to recruit such persons who can work in teams. Even small placements can lead to permanent jobs in Egypt. Good personal qualities are given importance and it is suggested to do even menial jobs with grace. Short period experience is also given proper weightage while considering for jobs in Egypt.

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