Teaching Jobs in Egypt

Teaching is a viable career option in Egypt. Teaching English is one of the important teaching jobs in Egypt and a lot of people, especially foreigners, are interested in doing this job. Teachers are considered as those who train and guide the working manpower of a country which is very important factor of a country’s development. Teaching jobs in Egypt are not only related to teaching of language and other subjects, but technical and religious education are also given importance.

The education system in Egypt is divided into three parts—Public Education, University and Higher Education and Al Azhar Education. Teachers are sought for all levels and even multinational companies seek teachers in order to train their employees.

The following sections will give you a full detailed view on various aspects of teaching jobs in Egypt.

For the basic education section, graduation in the respective subject is a must. Also for the language departments, graduation is the basic qualification. For getting jobs in universities, specialization is required in the particular field. Special courses done by an individual is also given importance. Same is true for people looking for jobs in the technical colleges. For foreigners willing to work in Egypt, work license is a must.

Work Experience:
Work experience is not necessary as such for local residents. But for foreigners it is a must. All graduates are eligible for jobs.

Working Hours: Working hours range around 8-9 hours a day. The teaching load is relatively less in the secondary stage. Some teachers work in the evening shift and some even work in dual shifts.

Pay Scale: Salary of the teachers is based on the regular salary table. Increase in salary depends on the qualification and experience. Basic teachers get a salary of 12 pound whereas secondary education teachers and 3yr technical education teachers receive a monthly salary of 15 pound. The 5yr system education teacher gets a monthly salary of 17 pound.

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