Recruitment Consultants In Finland

Finland is a beautiful place and offers a great working experience to the finest professionals in the world. Starting a career in Finland is a great option.

If one wants to do away with the difficulties of seeking a right job then they can take help from the placement consultants in Finland. Even the company hires placement consultants in Finland to hire right candidates for a job opening. Placement consultant charges nominal fees from the employers and it varies from industry to industry. The growing economy and booming job markets in Dubai, has opened several employment opportunities. With a daily increase in a number of job opportunities in Finland, the job seekers from around the world are getting in touch with the job placement consultants in Finland.

In the selection process placement consultants are of great help. When there’s a large database of people, its actually vey helpful in referring a suitable candidate that the desirable requirements outside their database. Many placement agencies in Finland specializes in particular industry verticals, while many others may provide candidates ranging from part-time and contract employment to long-term and full time employment.

Go through our list of placement consultants in Finland. Gather detailed info on various recruitment consultants and agencies such as their address, contact number, E-mail and important points.

  1. Name : Mercury Urval Finland
    Address : Mannerheimintie 15 A 00260
    City : Helsinki
    Telephone No. : 35-020-7420500
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : This is an international agency focussing on recruitment of the top and senior level professionals. They have 80 offices in 22 countries

  2. Name : Sam International
    Address : Hiirivuorentie 4 B Fin-01690
    City : Vantaa
    Telephone No. : 35-89893839
    Website/E-Mail : Remarks : This agency has an international presence in several countries all across Europe and rest of the world. They focus on the legal profession

  3. Name : Step Stone
    Address :
    City :
    Telephone No. :
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : The Step Stone network provides candidates with access to opportunities across Europe. For recruiters Step Stone provides an effective tool for international and pan-European recruitment campaigns

  4. Name : Horton International
    Address : Annankatu 25 5 Fi Finland-00100
    City : Helsinki
    Telephone No. : 35-896829110
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : With 30 offices worldwide, Horton International has the resources and the local-market expertise to help firms attract the most qualified and suitable talent from around the world

  5. Name : Heidrick & Struggles
    Address : Kasarmikatu 46-48B
    City : Helsinki
    Telephone No. : 35-892511250
    Website/E-Mail :
    Remarks : It is a part of the Global consulting company. Its focus is on international placements - across Europe and the rest of the world

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