Aviation Jobs in France

France is having a positive growth in the sector of aviation. Over the past few years, aviation jobs in France have also grown consistently and they are still growing. Aviation jobs are a key factor behind their prosperous economy. Both the aviation business and the market in France are also expanding rapidly. Matra, SOGEPA, Spot Image are some of the famous aviation companies in France.

Aviation is a potential industry in France for generating mass employment. In other words aviation jobs in France are bringing prosperity and employment for them. Lapalisse - Périgny Airport Gap, Tallard Airport, Ambérieu Airport, Brive - La Roche Airport, are some of the famous airports in France. Aviation jobs range from airlines, ground handing agents, flight catering, fuel Services, cargo and freight aircraft, maintenance airport company, non-airport security, immigration customs etc.

More than 18,000 cabin crew and 39,000 ground staff work in Air France.

Aviation in France is a huge job sector, over the next few years more than 128,000 direct jobs have been projected in the aviation sector. In other words aviation jobs in France have a great positive and significant impact on their mature economy. The information below would help you gain some clear perspective regarding aviation jobs in France, so just roll down the page:

Post offered:

There are various diversified jobs, that you can find in the aviation industry like:
  • Pilot
  • Air hostess
  • Cabin crew
  • Station agent
  • First officer
  • Air traffic controller
  • Flight vehicle mechanics
  • Airworthiness Engineer
  • Design Engineer Electrical Systems etc

Unspecified but different technical and academic qualifications are required for the above mentioned posts. For cabin crew specially and air-hostesses, a presentable figure is required.

Working experience:
Unspecified but usually a working experience of 1-2 years is required for some of the above mentioned posts.

Unspecified, but salaries in the aviation sector are much higher than any other transport sectors.

Language required:
Good in French and English

Other requirement:
Must have work permit to work in France

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