English Speaking jobs in France

English is truly the most widely used language in the world. It is also a fact that the English language boasts a certain amount of dominance over various other global languages like Arabic, Chinese, French and Spanish. In fact, in multi-lingual countries like India, English is the common language for the people. Even in countries like Singapore, it is the most widely used language. The wide spread popularity of the English language has its reasons embedded in the pages of history. The huge popularity of English language can also be known from the fact that 14% or one-seventh part of the world population speaks English. Considering the wide variety of languages in the world it is indeed a huge figure. Another reason for the spread of the language is the global entertainment industry. English is the language of the biggest entertainment industry in the world. This factor has also played an important role in globalizing the language. France though still has French as the dominating language but the dearth of proper English speaking professionals creates a great demand for English speaking people. In fact, there are plenty of English speaking jobs in France.

France as a country is not multi-lingual. Though some of its cities are cosmopolitan in nature but French is the main language of the country. Therefore, people living in France are most comfortable in speaking French. In fact, they don’t need to learn English in order to communicate. It is true that most of them understands English but their knowledge about the language is too less to earn them a job. Therefore, speaking proper English in France gets a good value.

Language in Provence
Located in the beautiful Luberon Regional Park in the south of France, the particular school provides a comprehensive English speaking course in the midst of a friendly atmosphere. Equipped with experienced teachers, the school has several programs that make you an expert in English speaking within a few months time.

Language Studies International
Located in Paris, the Language Studies International has a number of English speaking courses. The courses are not confined to providing the basic education. They go much beyond that and make a deliberate effort to make you feel comfortable in speaking the language. In fact, the courses are also designed to provide an in-depth knowledge about the particular language.

The Marzio School
Located in 5 et 7, rue des Baumes, France, the Marzio School is also a renowned school that provides well designed English courses. This school understands the needs of students in a perfect way as they feature excellent training programs to impart the right kind of knowledge to speak fluent English. The various training programs impart enough confidence to carry out professional proceedings as well.

People who can speak English in France are in great demand for various kinds of jobs. The sectors which require a lot of English speaking candidates are private schools, legal industry and tourism. Some of these sectors are involved in providing the training for future English speaking professionals while others require English speaking professionals as they have to deal with a lot of foreign clients. Some of the most lucrative job offers come from companies like:

Global Education Corporation
Conveniently located in France, Global Education Corporation is particular institute that is involved in providing educational training. It has a variety of programs but its English speaking courses are really good and popular in France. They are constantly expanding to meet the increasing demand of English speaking courses. As a result, they take a lot of English speaking teachers. However, the candidates need to have a great level of expertise in speaking English and also need to have a sound educational background.

Eone Telecom
Located in Paris, Eone Telecom is one of the best call centers of France. Located on 28, rue Benoit Malon, France, it has a huge set up to support high quality service. The particular company constantly upgrades itself in terms of infrastructure as well as human resource. That actually opens a huge opportunity for English speaking candidates. Moreover, they offer a great salary package that makes candidates even more interested. Though this company takes a lot of candidates throughout the year but each of them are extremely fluent in speaking English.

Hotel de France
Located on St. Saviour’s Road, St, Helier, France, the particular hotel is one of the most renowned hotels of France. Apart from providing the luxury and comfort, the hotel is also renowned for its service to the guests. Being one of the favorite to foreign tourists, it needs English speaking staffs to communicate properly to guests from different parts of the world. The particular hotel creates a lot of job opportunities for English speaking people resulting to an overall increase in the number of English speaking jobs in France. Before recruiting the hotel makes sure that the candidate has the required amount of experience in the relevant industry.

Atout France
Located in Paris, France, Atout France is the new tourism development agency formed by the merger of Maison de la France and ODIT France. They get a lot of tourists every year and their work horizon go much beyond bookings. They also provide tour guides to

different foreign groups. Therefore, French is not always the language that those tourists prefer. In order to convey the right message, the company hires a lot of translator who can speak good English. The particular agency also makes sure that the candidate they select has a vast idea about the various tourist spots of France.

The Spa Martinez
Located in La Croisette, Canes, the Spa Martinez is one of the best spas in France. It has an array of therapies that provide the guests a taste of ultimate pleasure. The particular spa is also known to deliver best quality service according to the wish of the client. That makes it even more popular among foreign visitors. However, to maintain such a high quality service, the spa needs to maintain clear communication with the clients. In order to achieve that, the spa recruits a lot of customer consultant who can speak fluent English in order to convey the right message to the clients, thus opening a huge opportunity for English speaking jobs. Apart from speaking really good English, the customer consultant also needs to have good experience of working in this industry.

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