Hotel Jobs in France

With more than 70 million tourists visiting every year, France has become one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. Paris, Eastern France, Eiffel Tower, Musée d'Orsay, Notre-Dame, Alps, Marseille, Nice, Orléans Dordogne valley, Biarritz St Jean de Luz Lourdes, Lavender field etc are some of the popular tourist attractions in France. Hospitality or tourism is one of the leading industries in France. Hotel jobs in France are a principal contributor in the French economy. France with its natural spectacles, has always been a popular destination for hotel jobs. There are more than 800 institutions in France, which cater to the hospitality education and they are the most suitable and significant way to upgrade your skills and prospects for hotel jobs in France.

In restaurant and hotel management, BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) is a very important qualification (higher education) in the hospitality industry of France. The duration of this academic programme is for two years and it is taught by more than 140 institutions, including private schools, public colleges, and professional /training centers. Those without any prior vocational education or qualification in hospitality, have to do one year of added training, making the duration for three years. However there is no specialization offered expect in third year when the students need to decide which option to take between restaurant or hotel management.

Some French universities have their individual curriculum on hotel management like Vocational degrees in Tourism, Master in European Heritage and Cultural Tourism. Private institutions also offer courses in hospitality and tourism, the duration of those courses last from six months to three years. Similar to BTS (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in hotel and restaurant management there is BTS in tourism, which is also regarded as one of the most important qualifications, to gain an entry in French leisure industry. Here you can focus your attention either on Services and Organization or Sales and Production.

Hotel jobs in France cater to the employment needs of many potential students from France and from all over the world. In other words, the tourism industry of France is providing a plethora of global employment opportunities. If in the recent past you have been thinking about an entry into the lucrative hotel industry of France, then just scroll down the page and gain some valuable information which has been compiled just for you:

Post offered:
Hospitality industry in France is booming and with countless of hotels, restaurants and many other both in varied size, there exists a number of hotel jobs in different departments, in various levels and according to your qualification, like:

  • Assistant Head Hospitality Stewardess
  • Hotel Manager
  • Chef de reception
  • Linen Keeper
  • Receptionist
  • Hotel Trainee
  • Chef de Bassin
  • Bartenders
  • Waitresses
  • Cleaners etc.

Unspecified, but for normal or general positions like bartenders, waitress etc, no such professional/academic qualifications are required. For management level jobs like hotel management and chefs, professional qualification in management, specially in hotel management with specializations in culinary, house keeping etc, could be helpful.

Unspecified, but a hotel manager can earn upto EUR 2250 per month, an assistant head hospitality stewardess, earns upto 730 GBP monthly,a hotel trainee may also earns upto 2400 Euro per month, never the less special skills and experience also influence the the range of pay scale.

Working experience:
Unspecified, mostly depends on the gradation and the responsibility of the position, a professional working experience of one year in 4/5 star hotel, is required for few of the above posts.

Working hour:
Unspecified but normally 40 hours per week according to international standards, but extra/over time may be required.

Language required:
Very fluent in French and good in English.

Other requirements:

For workers:
EU/EEA citizens are able to apply, others have to contact French embassy in their home town for further information regarding working in France.

For students:
A Bachelor's or Baccalauréat or a diploma, which ever accessible for getting in to higher education in their country. Application can be collected from French Embassies between Dec. 1 and Jan. 15.

Other skills:
  • Ability to train and manage house keeping team
  • Willingness to work
  • Fast and quick learner
  • Ability to mange the hotel staff Being a top most tourist destination and also being a growing industry, Hotel jobs in France are becoming very rewarding.

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