HR Policies in France

HR Policies are a set of guidelines or policies that are laid down by a company in order to ensure a healthy working environment for its employees. A straight-forward, concise HR policy not only helps to ensure a healthy working environment, it also provides a sense of security to the employees from various unwanted scenarios. These HR policies are meticulously designed to suit the needs of the company as well as the employees. Crafting HR policies involves a lot of thought process as an ill-designed HR Policy may affect the efficiency and goodwill of a company in a negative way. HR policy can’t be too complacent as well in this modern world or the company will get diverted from its main objective. However, HR policy of a company has to be crafted on the basis of overall HR policies of the country, in which the company is situated. Most of the countries have its own

HR policy and companies that make their base in a country crafts its HR policy accordingly. France has also got its own HR policies that is mend on the basis of the nation’s work culture, economic scenario etc. HR policies in France are made to serve the needs of employee as well as employer in the best possible way.

An in-depth analysis of a well-made HR policy reveals the fact that it is an amalgamation of the following policies:
  • Adoption leave policy
  • Leave policy
  • Working time policy
  • Vacation policy
  • Sick leave policy
  • Health and Safety policies
  • Employee relations policy

Adoption Leave Policy
Adoption leave policy is an integral part of an HR policy as it deals with leave for people who adopt children up to 18 years of age. The provision applies to both married couples and single people. However, the leave is applicable only if the adopted child has not lived with either parent for a period of at least six months. Like other countries France has also got its own adoption leave policy that helps French citizens to get leaves during similar scenarios.

Leave policy
HR Policy also comprise of leave policy as it deals with the provision of leaves for the employees. It is an important part as employees are not only able to know about the leaves that they can apply for but also the procedure to follow in order to get the leave.

Working time policy
As Far as working time policy is concerned, France boasts a distinct feature from the rest of Europe. It has a long tradition of 35 hour working in a week. This particular HR policy of France is a result of the country’s specificity. It is deliberately planned by the government to increase employment.

Vacation policy
French citizens are entitled to five weeks of vacation annually. This particular policy forms a very significant part of HR policies. Different companies, while framing their HR policies need to keep this into account.

Sick leave policy
The Sick leave policy is also very employee-friendly in France. The employee receives various social security benefits during sick leaves. Moreover, they are also supplemented by complementary sum, paid by the employer.

Health and Safety policies
Health and Safety policies also form an important part of HR policies in France. These policies help protect people from various occupational risk. This policy also includes raising awareness, proving technical guidance and assistance to minimize the risk from any sort of accidents and diseases.

Employee relations policy
HR policies of any country or even a single company are always crafted to ensure a healthy employee relation. Therefore, the employee relation policy gets a lot of emphasis during the framing of HR policies. Most of the leading companies in France are known for having a well-made employee relation policy. However, the success not only depends on the framing, it also depends a lot on how well it implemented. Without proper implementation, even the best of employee relation policies may not work.

HR policies in France have got the updated trends in employment standards and legislation for risk management. It is framed in favor of a vision that elevates a company’s status alongside proper management of human resource. Other key functions of a HR policy:
  • Give an overall picture of the company
  • Consequences of unacceptable behavior
  • The performance of the company
The benefits of the HR policies can only be fetched if it is properly implemented. There is no use of an idle HR policy without proper implementation. In fact, failures in proper implementation of the policy make a company more prone to legal challenges, grievances and lawsuits. Therefore, it is always better to have a proper implementation of the HR policy so that it enhances the overall smooth functioning of the company. Other benefits fetched by a well-constructed HR policy:
  • Increase in overall turnover
  • Cost effective operation
  • Positive Moral
  • Increased profit
The HR policy in France is a result of the strong impact of demographics, legal and political characteristics of the France. The various features of HR policies in France like recruitment, training, management and compensation are a part of the French specificity. Evaluation of HR practices in France further reveals its role to move towards a strategic goal. Making most of the abilities and potential is at the centre of the HR policy of most the companies of France. These companies make it a point to translate the HR policies in the various work programs and deadlines. The policies are crafted to build the structure, culture and style of the organization. France is known to have companies that have some of the best HR policies in the world. These policies also ensure that the commitment, quality and motivation of the employees are optimized to deliver the best quality of work. Built in close coordination with the corporate strategies, the HR policies are never hindrance to the company’s objective. Moreover, there is a continuous effort to improve the HR policies and capitalize on its competencies.

With time, France is witnessing a new trend in its HR policies. The most recent example would be the new HR policy adopted by France Telecom. It has brought in equal opportunities for all in its modified HR policies. It prevents discrimination on basis of disability. This particular policy will be a great initiative to bridge the gap that was often formed due to discrimination on the basis of disability. Moreover, it will also help the company to maintain a great employee relationship as from now onwards, the jobs in the company will be accessible for disabled people as well. Once, stared, this particular trend is fast catching with various companies of France as they have more number of disabled employees than ever, For instance, Casino Group of France recorded a hopping 9% of disabled employers in their workforce, which is much higher than the required 6% by law.

The future of HR policies in France seems to be bright as more and more companies realize its growing significance. They have realized the fact HR policies play an integral part in optimizing the human potential. They have also realized that HR policy helps to maintain economic and social balance in the operation of a company. The policies are mostly framed in order to build a shared future with the help of exemplifying the spirit and make the employee feel proud of working there. As a result, renowned companies like Jouve in France have adopted an interactive human resource management. These measures are taken to achieve greater participation of employees in order to meet the future challenges of technological evolution and quality improvement. They are leaving no stones unturned to make the human resource, a part of the company’s future. Best HR policies across the world have also included career agreement for employees as a part of their practices. France is no exception as most of its leading companies are catching the trend of providing career agreement to all its employees. It is a great move towards people management as employees are made to feel more valuable by providing them a comprehensive career plan.

The increasing significance of HR policies in France can also be known from the fact that there had been a number of discussions held about this relevant subject in the recent past. Topics like French labor law, diversity in workplace, cultural features were discussed in various forums in order to provide the right input to frame the HR policies. The important parts of these discussions are that these discussions had experts from various firms as well as government associations. Their presence was significant in these discussions as they are the one who will play the important role in framing the HR policies. The HR policies in France formalize the values and convictions to make it closely related to the culture of the country. The main reason behind the success of HR policies in France is that it is not framed without any attachment to the country’s environment, culture and demographics. In fact, the policies are built on the basis of those factors and are easily acceptable by both employers and employees.

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