IT Jobs in France

Information Technology in France is a prime contributor in their economic growth and in employment opportunities. With the Internet boom in France, IT became an important sector for France. France ranks sixth regarding business from information technology. Telecommunication in France is also very strong and for the last two to three years e-commerce has developed rapidly too. Internet charges in France are also considered as lowest in the whole of Europe..

France has been projected to be one of the most attractive markets for mobile infrastructure, satellite equipments, optical fiber, telephone sets, mobile telephones, Internet services etc. IT sector in France has become so rewarding that many small and large IT players have entered here.

Moreover the flexible tax system of France in the IT sector is attracting more and more players. France with its controlled inflation and a healthy GDP is attracting greater business. Ateme, Dassault Systemes, Intego, Mandriva, Nekeme Prod are some of the renowned software companies in France. The various posts offered are mentioned below:

Post offered:
SEO and Online Marketer
  • Consultant for SAP Rollout FI/CO
  • IT Professionals Junior/Senior
  • Ingénieur .NET
  • Chef de projet Microsoft .NET
  • Chef de projet technique .NET
  • SAP Basis etc

Educational level:
Unspecified, but normally a bachelor's or master's degree in IT/ computer science/computer engineering is require. For some of the above mentioned posts, knowledge in Java, J2EE, Net, Csharp is required for IT Professionals (Junior/Senior).

Working Hours:
Unspecified, but normally 40-45 hours per week.

Salary in th IT industry is most attractive, an online marketer can earn a yearly salary of 6000 Euro.

Language required:
Fluent in French and good in English both verbal and written.

Working experience:
Unspecified, but a minimum experience of 4-5 years in IT is required.

Other requirements:
EU/EEA citizens are able to apply/work, others have to contact French embassy in their home town for further information regarding working in France.
Other skills:
  • Ability to sustain work pressure
  • Must be patient
  • Must love working in different environments

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