Jobs in Marseille

The second largest city in France is Marseille. The third biggest metropolitan after Lyon and Paris is Marseille. The largest commercial port of France is Marseille.

It opens up many job openings for the candidates seeking jobs in France.

Marseille is the hub of thousands of companies and the leading names among them are CMA CGM , Eurocopter Group , Azur Promotel and many others.

Operas , music , literature make Marseille just unique from rest of France.

It is naturally the most cherished destination of the job seekers.

The different types of jobs in Marseille are

  • Administration or Office
  • Accounting /Finance
  • Education
  • Biotech
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Legal
  • Software
  • General Labor
  • Teaching
  • Construction jobs

The minimum eligibility for the jobs in Marseille is a degree or diploma in the respective job category. Experience in the related field is an added advantage. The salary of the jobs in Marseille depends on the experience of the candidate and job profile and from this site one can get the material for Interviews also like Questions, Tips etc. that can help in getting a job.

The industries which are developed in Marseille are shipbuilding , ship repair , food processing , manufacture of soap, metallurgy , precision engineering , clothing , chemicals. Some of the mentioned industries disappeared but the others like data processing , telecommunications , electronics and biomedicine are flourishing in Marseille.

Marseille is the commercial port of the Mediterranean Sea. So job opportunities in Marseille are also in the sector of transport. Marseille 's major industries are Petroleum refining , glass , building materials , oil refining , sugar , plastics , olive oil , textiles , processed foods . Marseille exports cement , metal products , wines , liqueurs and metal products. Marseille is the hub of tourists for high concentration of theatres , museums , cinemas fashion shops , hotels, clubs and art galleries. As such Marseille has many job openings in the service sector and tourism sector.

Top companies in Marseille
  • Vacquier SA
  • Action Synthese
  • Comreg SA
  • Dauphin Clearchanel
  • Films Du Soleil
  • Alfa Telecom and Cellular
  • Ateliers Aknin
  • Delta Communications
  • Metro Libre Service Gros.
  • La Viste Automobile SA.
  • Nissan Automobile

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