Management Jobs in France

Contrary to popular belief of the job scenario being rigid, current records suggests that in reality France job market is quite expanding and flexible than others. Vast majority of the workforce is now absorbed by the service sector in France, akin to that of many European countries. The remaining 27% is working in the industry sector and 5% happens to be under the agriculture sector. Surveys and reports indicate that there are almost 700,000 EU and 800,000 non EU immigrants operating in France, where approximately 44% of the workforce comprises of women. France is known for its lenient system of social securities which is well assisted by taxation laws. Hence there exists a demand for jobs and professionals in France. With majority being involved with the private or service sector, followed by the industry there remains scopes and opportunities for management jobs in France.

Keeping in mind the scopes, opportunities and the competitiveness in the management jobs it is of professional relevance to procure a management degree or undergo a course in management. This however is not mandatory, but owing to the nature and structure in which the present day service and private sector is established, management knowledge becomes important. As these courses provides an edge to the candidates, thereby training them as per the industry standards nationally as well as internationally. With the foray of the MNC’s and related enterprises, most of the career opportunities these days are management based.

Owing to this, France had and has also been coming up with various management institutions. These institutions train the candidates as per the industry requirements, thereby making them capable and apt for operating in the competitive industry. The modules and the curriculum that are followed help the candidates align best with the ever-changing job market and its requirements.

HEC School of Management
HEC School of Management is France’s premier management school, having a history of 125 years of existence. It has always worked towards extending its hands towards an individual with an industrious mix of talent, entrepreneurship, innovation, aspiration and a curious open mind. The mission of the school thus remains to coach and guide the world and market leaders of the future.

Stationed at the centre of the Paris business community, the institute has achieved for itself international fame for its high quality schedule and programs, in-depth research and an excellent candidate profile.

The MBA courses at HEC comprises of a mix of analytical, experimental and critical skills that is applicable to various environment. The courses last till 13-18 months.

ENPC School of International Management
Since its inception in 1987, ENPC School of International Management has been working towards an innovative range of MBA, undergraduate and executive leaning programs. Different people with different interests come and create a platform of excellence in this institute. The management courses that are offered by the institute for students as well as professionals includes:-
  • Media and Publishing.
  • Art and Design.
  • Banking and Financial Services.
  • Hi tech and energy.
  • Manufacturing and Engineering.
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Retailing and Consulting services
  • Education and Training
  • Government and public administration.
INSEAD, the business school for the world is the world’s ruling and largest business schools that has its branch in France, Singapore and Abu Dhabi. It brings together people across various cultures and creates a talent pool of a set of dynamic emtities. It offers MBA courses in:-
  • Executive Education.
  • Executive MBA.
  • MBA
  • PHD
There are many other premium management schools that are catering to the students and professionals to get trained in management studies and hence fulfill the criteria that are thus required for the management jobs in France. There are a host of corporate and organizations that belong to the private sector that prefer management pass outs and offer various management jobs with attractive remuneration and incentives on performance.

Moody’s Corporation
Moody’s Corporation (NYSE:MCO) is one of the leading names in France. Its parents companies are Moody’s Investor and Moody’s Analytics. The company is a significant component for the global monetary market, thereby offering credit ratings, surveys, tools and in-depth analysis that contribute to clear and consolidated financial markets. In the year 2008, the company was reported to earn revenue of $1.8 billion, and it absorbs around 3,900 of workforce. It’s present in 31 countries.

Located at Boulevard Haussmann in France, some of the management jobs that it offers to the potential candidates are:
  • HR Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Accounting Manager
  • Relationship Manger
  • Product Specialist
  • Market strategist
  • Manager Issuer Relations
To work in Moody’s Corporation, one need to undergo a particular management program although that is not mandatory. But education in the relevant field is a must. The candidate however should be well conversant in English as well as French and needs to be able to work by himself. Apart from this fluency in one of the European languages would add value to the candidate profile. Computer proficiency is a must. Also, the candidate should work towards precise and sound planning, and adopt proper follow-up and implementation abilities.

Bureau Veritas Group began operation in the year 1828. It has since then dedicated itself to the services of people. Also it is known to have perfected the art in assisting clients comply with benchmarks and other rules pertaining to Quality, safety and health, and also responsibility towards society and environment.

The regional and local operations of this group mostly focus on client associations and provide a consolidated range of products or services such as:-
  • Auditing, Testing
  • Inspection
  • Certification
  • Ship classification
  • Training and Outsourcing
  • Advisory services.
The company also plays a very significant role in the areas of performance improvisation and also risk management. Some of the domains in which the company offers management jobs in France are:-
  • Asset Management
  • Classification
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Inspection/ Audits

Situated at Boulevard de Montmorency, Eads is a leader in the aerospace and the aviation industry. It is said to be the major leader in space requirements and programs, and a well pronounced defense equipment provider. With its performance it gets acknowledged as Europe’s biggest aerospace and defense group. It supports a workforce strength if 118,00o people. Employment opportunities are enormous pertaining to the fields of Eads Astrium, Eads Defense and security. The management oriented jobs in this profile can be categorized under the profiles or departments of:-
  • Strategy Business Development
  • Communications
  • HR Manager
  • Product Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Product and Program Management
  • Marketing.
The criteria for the candidates would be to be trained or experienced under these domains. Since these are strictly management oriented jobs hence a degree in the same always remains beneficial. Also, the salary structure is attractive with incentives and other perks as per performance. The company seeks eligible management professionals with a dynamic and energetic mind, ready to serve the national as well as the international audience.

INRIA is the national institute in France, for research and experimentation in the field of computer science. It operates under the dual authorization of Ministry of Industry as well as Ministry of Research. The institute plays a key role in the transfer and sharing of technology through research, experiments, and surveys, fusion of technical and scientific inputs. As an institute the major target for the institute in 2008-2012 is to obtain scientific excellences in the following fields:-
  • Computational medicine
  • Computational sciences
  • Computational engineering
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization of complex dynamic systems
  • Communication, information, and ubiquitous computing
  • Interaction with real and virtual worlds
  • Programming: security and reliability of computing systems

Management jobs today are no longer restricted to the sectors of finance, aerospace or media and the other allied fields. Hence, today we can spot enterprising management jobs not only in these sectors but also in the education sector as well These could be the management institutes themselves or few that are dedicated to seasonal vocation training, Hence at INRIA too there remains a profile of jobs that the aspiring management students can apply as a launch pad to their career. The management oriented jobs that the company offers are:-
  • Network Management and Systems.
  • Communications
  • Litigation and Financial Management
  • Logistics and Maintenance
  • Human Resources
With regards to the eligibility, a dynamic mindset with vigor, enthusiasm and creativity is what the institute is looking for. A management degree always remains beneficial as it gives a candidate an advantage over others and also makes him capable to serve better. A good hold over language is always required.

Hence, the job market in France is filled with management jobs. Research and market estimations indicate that the French economy is slated to expand through the middle of 2010 at a rate of almost 0.4% per quarter. It is also estimated that there would be expansion in the service sectors owing to the influx of the MNC’s thereby created several vacancies. Management of all sorts would gain supreme importance and hence there would be plenty of management jobs in France that would be available.

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