Media Jobs in France

Media in France is very active. The media industry of France is comprised of films, journalism (print/audio video), broadcast(radio), television, advertising etc., making France one of the most rewarding destinations for media jobs. Presently broadcasting in French is booming. Broadcasting of French radio is designed into a number of specialized programs like programs meant for young people (Inter-Jeunesse), on art programs, on French culture and French music, where high quality of music is broadcast and there are other programs on drama, language teaching, news etc.

Media jobs in France are plenty and they also offer the opportunity for you to expand your creativity and innovation.Television is also a big industry in France, over the number of years many private and public channels have been opened here.
Television industry in France made a leap with the introduction of commercial television stations in 1982. Many foreign channels like Discovery, Cartoon Network, Real Time have started to tap the lucrative television market in French.

The French film industry is the biggest film industry in Europe and in the world. French films have been a significant contributor in the world cinema since world war-II. The history of film making literally started in France with Lumière brothers, and till date French films have maintained a high ranking in the world. Jean-Luc Godard, Alain Resnais, François Truffaut, Claude Chabrol are some of the legendary French film directors of the world.

Journalism (print media) is not so popular in France as the French are not a very active news paper readers. Moreover the popularity of television (audio-video news) has slowed down the pace of print journalism. Somehow regional newspapers in France are still playing strong. There are more than 70 dailies and various weekly publications. Names of some of the media companies/channels in France are provided below:

  • France 3( a public television network)
  • KTO (Catholic television)
  • TF1 (private television network)
  • La Chaine Météo( weather channel)

  • 88.6 MHz France Méditerranée
  • 99.9 MHz O'FM
  • 89.4 MHz Radio Libertaire
  • 88.6 MHz Radio Soleil

  • Ouest-France
  • Le Parisien
  • France Soir

  • Cahiers du cinéma (premiere French film magazine)
  • ELLE
  • Le Point
  • Madame Figaro
  • Paris Match

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