HR policies in Germany

The human resource policies of Germany are playing a painstaking role in maintaining a healthy economy of Germany. HR policies of Germany are helping Germany's growth, by promoting the sustainable growth of companies. They are also a significant player in the development of political and economic structure of the country. They help in maintaining a perfect balance for the company. This helps to gain both man-power and revenue. HR policies in Germany try to cover each and every aspect of company management - to encourage the growth of both the employee and employer - which are beneficial for the long run of the company. These include:

  • Recruitment policy- to maintain a proper balance in recruitment from time to time. through proper interview method. Providing with other documents like appointment letter, pay slips etc. make the candidate familiar with the background of his/her job, assigned duty etc.
  • Performance appraisal benefits- to reward individual performance, to encourage other to perform also, so that both the employee and employer can grow.
  • Bonus- giving a bonus on a yearly basis. Bonus schemes can encourage business objectives.

  • Absence policy- making absence policy in such a way that both the party can make profit from absenteeism.
  • Paying overtime-ensures proper extra payments for overtime.
  • Pension plans
  • Termination policy etc.
  • Avoiding Negligence Hiring.

    HR policies in Germany are getting very qualitative and innovative. HR policies in Germany are gifting both the employer and the employee a dynamic growth - personally and financially.

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