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Teaching jobs in Germany is a respectable career. With a number of schools and colleges flourishing in Germany, teaching jobs in Germany are becoming lucrative. Educational structure of Germany is separated into preschool education, elementary education and secondary education. There are also special schools for children with disability. Schooling is compulsory from the age of 6 and normally continues for 12 long years.
There are various part time and internship teaching opportunities available in Germany. English teachers in Germany reap the maximum benefits. If you are looking for a teaching career in Germany, then the following guidelines of teaching jobs in Germany will help you get some useful information:

Teaching posts- you can find different teaching positions in different subjects like, English teacher, primary/nursery teacher, assistant teacher, elementary school teacher, English instructor, computer teacher, business English trainer, music teacher etc.

Work experience- totally dependent on the type of position and school authority. Fresher(s) are sometimes recruited for the basic or lower teaching positions only. For a higher teaching position maximum of 2-4 years of prior experience in teaching.

Qualifications- for school level, a certificate in teaching and a university degree or TOEFL/TESL, for English teaching.

Working hour- as per the timings and schedule of schools and colleges. Normally 35-40 hours per week.

Pay scale-as per the qualification and working experience of the applicant. In the beginning, it can go up to 22-24 Euro per lesson which lasts for 45 minutes. Teaching in company or business English classes can get you 35 euros per hour. Some schools also follow performance based salary apart from the fixed one.

Language required- Fluency in German and English.

Other skills- Developing and implementing new learning methods. Must enjoy teaching young children. Must have commitment to support the ideology of the school. Fulfill the curriculum target of the school etc.

Teaching jobs in Germany provides freedom and creativity. It gives you the opportunity where you can implement your ideas and create some thing new. gives you complete information regarding Teaching Jobs in Germany.
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