Hospitality Jobs

Hospitality Jobs on Offer

At present there are many hospitality jobs on offer in Dubai. They are available mostly in areas such as bar management, leisure management, chairman and chief executive officer, night manager, development manager, operations manager and director, EAM, porter, food and beverage management, reception or concierge, graduate, sales and marketing, hotel management, training, information technology manager and waiting staff.

Some of the leading hospitality jobs on offer in Australia are kitchen hand, restaurant staff, food service attendant, counter and kitchen hand, sandwich hand and waitress or waiter. The prominent hospitality jobs on offer in Singapore are assistant director tourism, hospitality and retail, head of discipline (hospitality management), senior manager / manager tourism, hospitality and retail, business development manager (hospitality), academic staff (hospitality management) and head of sales and marketing (hospitality).

Eligibility for Hospitality Jobs

In order to be eligible for the job of a kitchen hand in the Australian hospitality industry the candidates have to possess substantial amount of experience in the field of customer service. In order to land the job of assistant director tourism, hospitality and retail in Singapore the candidates need to have various qualifications.

They need to have degrees in computer sciences or engineering, proactive and self-starter with a creative and analytical mind and at least 4 years of useful working experience in information technology consulting or project management. They should also be customer and result oriented with proficiencies in multi tasking.

They are also required to possess skills in information technology consulting and people and project management besides having exceptional verbal and written communication, negotiation and presentation skills. Ones with experience and sufficient knowledge of sectors such as tourism, retailers, food and beverage and mobile industry are also welcome to apply for these jobs.

Profile of Hospitality Jobs

Holders of hospitality jobs in Dubai would need to work at various locations such as hotels, cruises and restaurants. The job of a kitchen hand in Australia is a part time one. However, the workers have the option of adjusting their work hours.

As an assistant director tourism, hospitality and rental the candidates would need to perform various functions such as fostering imaginative use of infocom technologies that would increase the levels of competitiveness in the Singaporean hospitality scenario.

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