Jobs in Cochin

Cochin is one of the most renowned states in the whole of south western India. It is considered to be one of the most developed states in India. It has an abundance of natural resources and manpower. These are the two most important reasons for which the state has developed so much. Again these are the two important reasons for which a large number of national and multinational companies are opening its branches in this state. And because of this jobs in Cochin are in a rise. Cochin has a state GDP of 9.2% (in 2004-2005).This shows the development of the state. Moreover Cochin is also considered to be most literate state in India. Because of this the workforce has a huge number of English speaking people. This is also another reason of increase of jobs in Cochin.

The important service sectors in Cochin where jobs are available are tourism, public administration, banking and finance, transportation and communications. Though these are the important sectors in case of availability of jobs but agriculture still dominates the economy of Cochin.

Hospitality and health care sectors employ a large number of people. Cochin is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in India. With its beautiful backwaters and beaches, it attracts a large number of people all throughout the world. The tourism sector has thus developed in leaps and bounds and so the jobs in Cochin in this sector has also increased. The teaching jobs are available in large number in the state because there are a large number of educational institutions in the state. Other than this as there is a stable economic growth of the state a large number banks and financial organizations have also opened their branches in the state. This sector is at present employing a large number of people as well.

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