Jobs in Coimbatore

Being a major industrial state of India, jobs in Coimbatore are thriving. Engineering and the textile sector are the principle contributors to their economy. Also known as Manchester of south India and with emerging IT and BPO industry have created ample job opportunities here. Coimbatore has made remarkable progress in economy and its industries have also made a significant mark in the global economy. With a huge number of registered factories both large and medium, small scale industries and cottage industries, jobs in Coimbatore are plenty. Beside industries, agriculture is also an important sector here.

The economy of Coimbatore is considered as buoyant. Coimbatore is also regarded as the top ten industrial states of India and the largest revenue earner in the Tamil Nadu. Job activity in Coimbatore is sustained by various industrial activities. Textiles remains one of the most dominant industries here. With a developed social infrastructure is attracting people form allover India specially from neighboring cities. The economic development of Coimbatore has led to the huge expansion of job opportunities in various sectors. Beside textiles and engineering sector jobs in Coimbatore, there are tremendous opportunities in IT and other trade and manufacturing sector. The rising export, the real estate and IT boom has led to the rapid development of Coimbatore. In other words the rise in investment both nationally and internationally is escalating a healthy economy which is increasing jobs in Coimbatore and making a positive impact not only in Indian economy but in global economy.

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