Jobs in Delhi

Delhi is the capital city and also the second largest metropolis in India after Mumbai. It is a federally administrated union territory and is also known as the National Capital Territory of Delhi. The rapid development and urbanization of New Delhi and its surrounding areas has led to the development of the jobs in Delhi. At present Delhi has a SDP of 83,085 crores. Delhi has a workforce of about 32.82%. Recently Delhi's unemployment has reduced to 4.63%. Jobs in Delhi has increased because of the large scale English speaking workforce which has attracted different multinational companies. The different sectors in which jobs are available in Delhi are information technology, banking, media, tourism, telecommunication etc. BPO and call centre jobs are another flourishing sector in which jobs are available.

The retail industry in Delhi is one of the fasted growing industries in the country. Other than this, better transport facilities and availability of accommodation facilities are other reasons for which a large number of people are interested to take up jobs in Delhi. Better pays and perks than any other city in India is another reason for which people take up jobs in Delhi.

Delhi being the capital of India, a large number of national and international companies have opened their branches here. There are a large number of job options available in the city for this reason. Thus the job seekers have full opportunity to pick and choose from the jobs available in the city.

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