Jobs in Guwahati

The most important city in the North East Region of India is Guwahati. It is a center for wholesale distribution and a hub for marketing . The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre is one of the largest in the world. The leading industries that play a dominant role in controlling the revenue of the city are construction, IT and banking . In addition to these sectors, manufacturing is also a major sector in Guwahati. However the rate of progression is not comparable to those of the country's rapidly growing industrial cities. If you intend to know more about availability of jobs in Guwahati stay with us.

The most important manufacturing industry in Guwahati is the petroleum refinery of IOCL. This refinery is located in a place called Noonmati. Of late Guwahati has become a hub for IT jobs . The city has the institution of IIT which is a world class institution .The city has also important printing and publishing businesses some of which are related to electronic and print media. The other industrial sectors that are intensifying are tourism and recreation and education. However political turmoil for the time being has repressed some of the promising job sectors in Guwahati.

What are the prospects for jobs in Guwahati? What are the different posts that have vacancies currently? Which are the leading recruiting companies in Guwahati? What is the pay scale for various jobs in Guwahati? are some of the questions that are answered in the following links.

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