Jobs in Meerut

Meerut is one of the most ancient cities in India and is located about 72 km north west of New Delhi, the capital of India. It is actually situated in Uttar Pradesh. Being situated near the capital city of India, development in this city is happening in a great pace. Meerut has a large population and thus there is never a problem with the human resource. Lack of skilled and qualified labor is a marked feature of the job market in Meerut. As the development is taking place, government is trying its best to improve the work conditions of the city. Slowly the pay and perks for different jobs in Meerut is also improving as well. All this is being done in order to attract a large number of people towards the jobs in Meerut.

Jobs in Meerut are available in different sectors. Meerut has one of the major army garrisons in the country, so a large number of jobs in the defense sector is available. But a large number of jobs are also available in the education, information technology and marketing and sales sector. Meerut is

an important center for education in Western Uttar Pradesh. Different courses are taught here and as a result a large number of people are employed for different posts in this sector. Information technology is a booming sector and development in this sector is taking place all throughout the country. Meerut is not an exception to this.

Marketing and sales is another sector where a large number of jobs are available and this sector employs a large number of people not only from the city but from different parts of the country. Another reason why a large number of people are attracted towards the jobs available in Meerut is that it has good transportation and communication facilities. Meerut is well connected through rails and roads and also provides outsiders with good accommodation facilities.

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