Jobs in Mumbai

In yesteryears, only Southern Mumbai had enjoyed the industrialization and growth of developed sectors leaving behind rest of the city. However, in the last 15 years Mumbai has undergone considerable changes and the wand of development has touched almost every nook and corner of this vibrant city. Though Mumbai, from her nascent stage, has been India’s commercial capital yet the city has experienced economical alteration with the government taking proactive measures and setting in of liberalization. Majorly dominated by the shipping and financial sectors, today Mumbai has shifted her focus to the other growing sectors and attempting to succeed in those domains as well.

Booming of the developed sectors namely entertainment, communication, information technology, textile and so forth has established abundant jobs in Mumbai. Aspirants readily change their city and move in to this splendid place for taking pleasure in her sparkling lifestyle and the jobs in Mumbai.

The Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai stock Exchange, Mint, National Stock Exchange are some of the renowned commercial and financial centers which have there base in Mumbai. In addition, being the home of companies like Godrej, Tata and Sons, Aditya Birla Group and Reliance has further increased the city’s aura.

While scanning Mumbai’s market one encounters numerous ancestral and personal businesses as well. The well structured economy, working environment, innumerable jobs and modern technology are the common factors sought by the job seekers. Know more about the developed sectors and the various jobs in Mumbai, by scrolling down and clicking the below mentioned links.

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