Jobs in Nagpur

Nagpur is one of the biggest centers of commerce in India. Though its economy faced a decline when Vidarbha was merged with Maharashtra, Nagpur has managed to boost its economy in the recent years with important contributions by many medium and small-scale industries. The industries have also created enormous opportunities for people to get jobs in Nagpur.

One of the notable industrial zones of Nagpur is the Hingma industrial estate which comprises nearly 900 medium and small scale industries where a large part of the population are engaged in various kind of jobs in Nagpur. Among them the most important are Mahindra and Mahindra's tractor manufacturing unit, and factory of Bajaj Auto group. Apart from these there confectionery manufacturing units, synthetic yarn producing units as well which employ a large number of people.

In the recent years Nagpur has established itself as one of the most favored destination for IT companies after Mumbai and Pune. Many national and international IT companies currently have operations in Nagpur and factors like good location, transport facilities and availability skilled labor are encouraging more and more IT companies to start operations here. As a result, ample scope has been created for jobs in Nagpur and in the next few years Nagpur is expected to become an important IT hub of the country.

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