Jobs in Patna

Patna, the capital city of Bihar always has been an agriculture-based economy. Bihar ranks among the top grain producing states in India. A large part of the population earns its livelihood through different agricultural activity and practices. But apart from agriculture, Patna has come up as a major medical center of the country. The medical center now creates ample scope for various jobs in Patna. There are several hospitals, nursing homes and other health care centers which have helped plenty of pharmaceutical companies to make Patna a strong base of operation.

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturing industries are also enjoying significant growth and are creating plenty of scope for jobs in Patna. The service sector is also flourishing in Patna and insurance companies, government sector, tourism and education are some of the major sources of employment in the service sector of Patna at present. The developed higher education sector in Patna is also helping the state immensely in human resource development.

In the modern economy many new industries have come up as well and are now recruiting people in large numbers in different jobs in Patna. Slowly the information technology (IT) sector is growing in Patna and it is expected that in the near future IT sector will become one of the major source of employment in the capital city of Bihar.

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