Jobs in Rourkela

Rourkela is said to be the industrial capital of Orissa. The economy of the city is mostly based on industrial activities and they are the major employers. A large part of the educated population is employed in these industries in different jobs in Rourkela. There are several large, medium and small scale flourishing industries in Rourkela but most important among those is the iron and steel industry. The steel plants, fertilizer steel plant, sponge iron plants are the main sources of revenue in the industrial capital of Orissa.
Huge amount of goods are exported to other states and countries from these units in Rourkela. Apart from these, manufacturing industries and tourism are also flourishing and are currently creating enormous scope for jobs in Rourkela.
Hotel jobs have become common profession in Orissa now as many hotels have come up in the city. Another flourishing sector is the information technology sector which is creating some scope for jobs in Rourkela as well.
The educational institutions have been a major support behind an efficient and skilled workforce in Rourkela. There are several engineering, technological and management institutes that produce large number of skilled professionals every year for serving the industries.

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