Jobs in Siliguri


The rapidly developing city in Northern part of West Bengal is well recognized nationwide as being one of the most important commercial centre for West Bengal. After Kolkata, Siliguri is the second largest city of the State. Considered to be the gateway to the Northeast and an important position to generate new industries, several national companies and organizations have established their offices there. Tea, timber and transport are the three major businesses of Siliguri.
In the last few years Siliguri has shown tremendous ability to elevate itself to the level of one of the most recognized business centers of the whole country. The industrialists have appreciated its response for the industrialization and Siliguri is en- cashing their investments for its prosperity.Consequently, the opening of new job opportunities is becoming possible.The jobs in Siliguri can really provide you with a positive start.Thus, the time has come to start your career by choosing the most appropriate career option from the list of jobs available in Siliguri. 

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