Interview Questions -- Ab initio

General Ab Initio Interview Questions

Q1.What do you mean by EME? How is it possible to connect EME to Ab Initio server? Explain its importance.
Q2.Say something about broadcasting partition.
Q3.Can you write conditional DML if the file contains a very huge amount of data? How? Describe with an example.
Q4.Tell us in detail about Inner Join. What is a semi-join? What is an outer join? Explain all these in detail.
Q5.What do you mean by GDE in Ab initio? Explain in detail.
Q6.State the function to be used for transfer of a string into decimal.
Q7.What do you mean by ramp limit?
Q8.What do you mean by Ab_local in ab initio? When is it used?
Q9.State the difference between lookup and lookup file.
Q10.Tell us something about ab initio graphs.
Q11.What are the parallels in ab initio?
Q12.Explain backward compatibility.
Q13.What is rollup component? How can you use it? Can you tell us how it is different from scan?
Q14.State the latest version of ab initio.
Q15.State the difference between m_touch and m_mkfs.
Q16.Explain local lookup. What do you mean by Compressed lookup?
Q17.What is a CGF file? What is DB Config? State the difference between CFG file and DB config.
Q18.Explain fancing.
Q19.How can default rules be added to transformers?
Q20.Tell us something about m_dump.
Q21.Tell us about ab initio ETL graphs in detail.
Q22.State the difference between utility mode and api.
Q23.Explain the functions of data profiler in ab initio in details.
Q24.What do you mean by ab initio graph phasing?
Q25.Explain Conduct in detail. What is its primary function in ab initio?
Q26.Explain round robin. How is it different from partitioning with key?
Q27.Name the sandbox level parameters.
Q28.Can you describe a generic graph?
Q29.What are mfs files?
Q30.Explain Cartesian joins in detail.

Interview Questions for Ab initio Developers

Q31. What are clustered indices? Can you tell us how they are different from the non-clustered ones?
Q32. What kind of experience do you have in Oracle Query writing?
Q33. Are you a good team player?
Q34. What kind of experience do you have in Korn shell scripting?
Q35. Tell us about your exposure to the IT industry.
Q36. What do you know about OLTP and HOLAP? Tell us something about MOLAP? What do you know about OLAP?
Q37. Describe your MDX skills. Tell us about your T-SQL skills. Share your knowledge about PL/SQL
Q38. What kind of database designing skills do you possess? What do you know about database schema design?
Q39. How would you describe your acquaintance with the ETL tools other than Ab Initio?
Q40. State the difference between delete and truncate commands.

Interview Questions for other Ab Initio Professionals

Q41. What do you have to tell us about your experience in ab initio administration.
Q42. Tell us about the UNIX environment--- be as thorough as possible.
Q43. What kind of experience do you have in programming?
Q44. Share your experience of working with CRM.
Q45. What do you know about ab intio?
Q46. What kind of knowledge do you have in ETL?
Q47. How would you rate your communication skills?
Q48. How will you contribute to the Software services if we hire you?
Q49. What kind of experience do you have in the IT Software field?
Q50. Tell us something about ERP

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