Interview questions and answers at Abacus

General Interview questions and answers at Abacus  

Q1. State the difference between DFD and ED diagram.
A.Of all the key responsibilities that a system analyst has, one of them is to effectively create and rationally represent the systems they deal with in the IT sector. Analysts should be able to comprehend a specific system’s functionalities, structure, data, and behavioural patterns and at the same time convey the composites to everybody concerned. Characteristically, the entire analysis procedure throws up many models that are harnessed for achieving the desired objectives. In this context, DFD (data flow diagram) elucidates the processes and functions associated with the system. ED or ERD (entity diagram or entity relationship diagram) explains the data related to the system.

 Q2. Tell us about the qualities of the person who you think would be an ideal senior for you.
A.The senior I’ll be working under or reporting to would be someone who’ll be able to guide me at every step when I’m still relatively a newcomer. As I gain work experience, my senior should not hesitate to point out my failings and drawbacks. He should be somebody who’ll be quick to encourage me when I carry out a task according to his or her expectations. He or she should have interpersonal skills, analytical skills, communication skills, diction skills and other relevant soft skills.

Q3. Can you tell me the difference between a DFD and flowchart?
A. Both the terminologies, data flow diagram (DFD) and Flowchart are concerned with software engineering and describe the data process in an integrated manner. Flow charts find an extensive use in all streams of engineering or education whereas DFDs find maximum use in the software sector. A DFD elucidates the source of the data. A flow chart is a schematic structure that shows how to accomplish the intended results.

Q4. What motivates you in your professional life?
Answer to this question will be mostly subjective depending upon the candidate.  However, a good stock reply would be the drive to excel, passion to push oneself to the limits and work diligently. The successes and achievement levels reached by others are also high motivators.

Q5. Will you be comfortable working in the night shifts?
A.This of course will depend upon the interviewee.

Q6. Why did you have to quit your previous job?
A.It could be that you’re appearing for the interview at Abacus while you’re still employed in your current job position. So, that gives you have an edge over other candidates who’ve have resigned from their jobs. It shows that you’re consistent and not opportunistic. You can say that the job for which you have applied will let you achieve your career goals which your current position cannot. Furthermore, the working environment in your present company is not conducive for professional growth.

Q7. What do you have to tell us about your communication skills?
A.Irrespective of the quality of your communication skills, you can always frame a perfect answer by iterating that you can speak fluently in at least 3 or more languages and that everybody concerned are able to make out what you’re trying to express.

  Q8. Speak on the topic: “Memorable Moments in College” for two minutes or more.
A.You don’t have to be an orator to answer this question. Just speak succinctly about special moments you spent in your college that you’ll reminisce for your lifetime.

Q9. Describe your responsibilities at your previous job.
A.No matter whatever your previous job position, you can clearly answer this question with telling effect. Describe your job profile first and then speak in detail about your job responsibilities. Give instances of you successfully carried out your job responsibilities.

Q10. How can you contribute towards customer service in the organization?
A.Getting feedback from the customers regarding the product or service so that improvements can be made in the quality or deliverance of the same is an excellent way of contributing to customer service. Addressing the complaints and attending to the problems faced by them is another way.

Q11. Speak on any current topic for two minutes or more.
A.You can speak about the unexpectedly high prices of essentials (food grains, vegetables, and so on) that are breaking the back of the poor. You can also speak about the tight money market conditions. Just read the newspapers daily to stay updated.

Q12. Tell us about the phases in DFD.
A.The integrated phases in DFD development are deciding on requirements, segregating activities, creating basic context diagram/system diagram at 0 level, delve into introductory stage n diagrams, merge and adapt all the distinct 0 level diagrams. Finally, design the complete diagram.

Q13. Tell us about your organizational skills.
A.Some organizational skills you can express are leadership or managerial skills, team building skills, communication skills, perceptive skills, problem solving skills time and effort saving skills.

Q14. Why do you want to work for Abacus?
Q15. How will you draw a DFD?   
Q16. Why did you have to quit your previous job?
Q17. What do you know about Abacus?
Q18. If your job demands, would you be comfortable in relocating?
Q19. What would you like to tell us about your experience in the IT industry?
Q20. Are you ready to work on weekends if required?
Q21. Tell us about the last project you worked on.

Interview Questions for Sales and Marketing Executive at Abacus

Q22. Tell us about your analytical skills.
Q23. How well can you identify potential accounts from existing client base?
Q24. Are you confident of producing sales independently?
Q25. Are you ready to travel international locations to meet clients?
Q26. How well can you work with the service delivery team?

  Interview questions for Mid level Java developer at Abacus Group

Q27. Tell us something about Spring Framework.
Q28. What do you know about SOAP services and REST?
Q29. Tell us briefly about your knowledge about Web 2.0 technologies.
Q30. Tell us about MySQL and PL/SQL stored procedure.
Q31. What do you know about Spring/Hibernate?
Q32. What do you know about Reporting Packages?

  Interview questions for programmer at Abacus Software Systems Corporation

Q33. Do you have any experience in designing, developing and supporting business applications?
Q34. How do you think you can contribute towards customer service?
Q35. Do you have any experience of working with SQL2000/2005/2008?
Q36. What do you mean by fragment caching in Asp.Net?
Q37. Compare and contrast between class and structure in VB.NET.

Interview questions for PHP developer at Abacus group

Q38.  Tell us about your experience of working with PHP 5, MySQL and XML.
Q39. Do you have any experience of working with Zend framework?
Q40. How well can you work with HTML and CSS?
Q41. How enthusiastic are you towards problem solving?
Q42. What do you know about Javascript?
Q43. Tell us something about AJAX.
Q44. What do you have to say about your innovation skills?

Interview questions for Technical Writer at Abacus Group

Q45. Do you have any experience in editing aside from Technical Writing?
Q46. What do you have to say about your research skills?
Q47. Can we depend on your information gathering capabilities if we hire you?
Q48. How good are you at multi-tasking?
Q49. Do you have good interviewing skills?
Q50. Tell us something about different web-based applications.

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