Interview Questions for Accenture

Q1. Why do you want to work for Accenture?
Q2. In C, can arrays be passed by reference?
Q3. What do you understand by the term “Fishbone Diagram”?
Q4. How would you respond to a situation where you have to deal with conflicting directions?
Q5. How would you resolve a conflict with your teammate?
Q6. Differentiate between throw ex, and throw in .NET.
Q7. What do you understand by swapping?
Q8. Do you know what 3rd normal form is?
Q9. What can you tell us about a static variable?
Q10. Do you know what multi-threading is?
Q11. Why should Accenture hire you?
Q12. What makes you the best candidate for the post offered by Accenture?
Q13. How do you stay updated about the latest developments in your field?
Q14. Can you tell us about the latest trends in your field?
Q15. What do you know about Accenture?
Q16. What do you understand by page fault?
Q17. How can page fault be handled?
Q18. Does normalization have any advantages?
Q19. Do you know what DBMS is?
Q20. Can you retrieve data from two tables using “group by”?
Q21. Differentiate between stored procedures and functions.
Q22. What is the difference between constant and static variables?
Q23. What is the function of view?
Q24. What do you understand by RPC?
Q25. With the help of stored procedure, can there be a reduction in the network traffic?
Q26. What is the use of RPC?
Q27. Differentiate between Custom controls and User controls.
Q28. What is the importance of a trigger?
Q29. Differentiate between an asset and a trace.
Q30. Are you comfortable using illustration tools?

Q31. Do you know what local and global variables are?
Q32. Differentiate between packet switching and circuit switching.
Q33. What is the meaning of wrapper class?
Q34. What are the various protocols that you know of?
Q35. What are the three types of normalization?
Q36. What do you understand by data warehousing?
Q37. What are the different phases of a compiler?
Q38. What are the 7 OSI layers?
Q39. Have you worked with UNIX before?
Q40. What are the various types of data models?
Q41. Differentiate between BCNF and 3NF.
Q42. Tell us about the Software development life cycle.
Q43. What are the various functions of Excel that you are familiar with?
Q44. Are you proficient in Microsoft Suite applications?
Q45. If a CEO of a firm asks you a question about which you have no knowledge, what would you say?
Q46. How will you be able to contribute to the development of Accenture?
Q47. What do you like about Accenture?
Q48. Tell us about a difficult project that you had worked on with minimum amount of resources.
Q49. Have you ever dealt with a difficult client? What did you learn from that incident?
Q50. Have you ever worked in a team?What was your role in the team?

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