Interview Questions and Answers for Aircel

An interview at Aircel generally has around 3-4 rounds. The first, second and third rounds of the interview are generally conducted by HR, Distribution Head and Sales Head respectively. The fourth round can be conducted by an HR head.

Q1.What do you have to share with us about the last assignment that you had dealt with?
Answer:Irrespective of your area of specialization (accounts, sales, IT or HRD) and the corresponding job profile that goes with it, you can speak about the last project you handled. But your explanation should be relevant.

Q2.Tell us the reason why you want to leave the company you are working for at present.
Answer:You can answer tactfully by saying that you’re a highly ambitious individual but your current job position is not giving you enough scope for career advancement. Moreover, you may disclose if the company OC (organizational culture) is not conducive for career growth.

Q3.It seems that you are the kind of employee, who is not stable at one job. Do you think we should hire you even after that?
Answer:You'd need to convince your interviewer that you’d stay loyal to the organization once you land the job. You can say that you’ve been job switching because you were yet to find an establishment that offered the right setting and the optimal working environment for career development.

Q4.Why do you want to work for Aircel?
Answer:Demonstrate your knowledge about the company and answer in brief as to why you wish to work with Aircel or Telecommunication sector.

Q5.Give us the reason/reasons why we should hire you.
Answer:You can speak eloquently about the contributions you’d make to the organization by virtue of your extensive experience in area of your specialization. Also relate about how you individually and also as a team member will help the organization realise its short and long term goals.

  Q6.Can you share your experience of participating in a team task? Describe your role in that task as well.
Answer:If your job profile so far has necessitated you to participate in group or team projects, you can speak about some of your best and worst experience. Briefly elaborate on your contributions as a team member and the steps you took to accomplish organizational objectives or mitigate problems the team encountered.

Q7.Share with us the kind of web knowledge you have.
Answer:Speak succinctly about whatever Internet skills you have.

Q8.Please tell us a little bit about your previous job.
Answer:Describe in brief the job profile of your last designation highlighting the key aspects. You can also speak a little about how fulfilling the responsibilities added to your work experience. 

  Q9.How do you think that one would be successful in this profession?
Answer:Irrespective of the calling or profession you’re in, there are always some general factors and specific factors that underline the path to professional success. For instance, if you’re in the marketing and sales profession, you’d invariably need to fulfil your monthly sales target on a continuous basis and also create a steadfast customer base that can be tapped on a recurring basis.

Q10.What do you know about our company?
Answer:Make yourself aware of Aircel’s business forays and activities and the competitive advantages the organization has over its rivals. 

  Q11.What is the importance of customer service for you?
Answer:Your can answer this question intelligently by stressing on the fact that customers are the lifeblood of any form of business, and you’d be according due importance to after sales service and support apart from promoting the company’s products or services.

Q12.What kind of expectations do you have from this job?
Answer:Elucidate the responsibilities you’d look forward to be fulfilled with your designation and job profile.

Q13.How good are you at convincing a customer
Answer:Stress on your product knowledge and your convincing skills, both of which are extremely crucial for clinching a deal.

  Q14.What actually is meant by a call center?
Answer:A call centre can be defined as a centralized workstation where workers process customer complaints or sell assorted products over the telephone in bulk. There are basically two types of call centres-inbound and outbound.

Q15.Have you ever had a colleague or a team mate who refused to contribute with his or her fair share of work? If yes, what did you do about it?
Answer:You could take example from the past or stress on how interpersonal relation can make all the difference even in professional environments.

Q16.Which is the biggest reason why you want to take up this job?
Answer:The safest and the most superlative answer would be that you’d be able to reach the zenith in your professional field and enjoy a lifestyle that you’ve always dreamt of.

Q17.Tell us why you have chosen marketing as a career.
Answer:You may talk about your social skills and gift of gab that made you perceptively judge that the arena of sales and marketing could provide you with a platform for exploiting your interpersonal skills.

Q18.What kind of connector is used at the end of the GSM antenna?
Answer:7/8" DIN male in case the feeder terminal is 7/8" and 7/6" in case the feeder is ˝".

Q19.What is CRR?
Answer:CRR stands for cash reserve ratio and it is the minimum stipulated amount of funds that banks have to deposit with RBI.

Q20.What kind of sales experience do you have at present?
Q21.Has there ever been a situation where someone has been slapped by you?
Q22.What do you think should be the effective way of maintaining quality network?
Q23.What would you have to tell us about your PPT related knowledge?
Q24.What would you have to say about your GK?
Q25.What kind of knowledge do you have in Excel?
Q26.What do you think is the importance of formal training for an employee?
Q27.Are you attending other interviews as well?
Q28.Which among these states produces the highest quantity of wheat in India---- (a) Haryana (b) Madhya Pradesh (c) Uttar Pradesh (d) Punjab
Q29.What can you tell us about this industry?
Q30.Tell us a little about your academic background.

Specific Interview Questions and Answers at Aircel

Q31.Would be able to track the ROI of distributors?
Q32.What is the tax percentage of contractors?
Q33.How good are you at systems and format maintenance?
Q34.How would you contribute towards quality customer acquisition if we hire you?
Q35.How adept are you in powering sales in the market?
Q36.How good are you at sales management?
Q37.What do you mean by DSMs?
Q38.What do you mean by Primary Sales?
Q39.What do you think is the key function of a quality analyst in a call center?
Q40.What do you mean by Secondary Sales?
Q41.What do you have to tell us about your communication skills?

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