Interview Questions for Air Hostess

Q1.Why do you want to become an airhostess?
Q2.Tell us about the most difficult situation you have faced in your professional life, stating clearly how you managed to deal with it.
Q3.Tell us about a situation when you actually delivered very poor services.
Q4.What do you think you will be able to bring on board once you are hired?
Q5.Tell us how you have dealt with people from different cultures at your previous job/jobs?
Q6.What is your opinion about the aviation industry at present?
Q7.Tell us about your greatest strengths.
Q8.Tell us about a situation when a passenger made unfair demands.
Q9.What is yardstick for talent according to you?
Q10.Tell us about your biggest weaknesses.
Q11.Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Q12.How would you optimize team performance if we hire you?
Q13.Why are you quitting your present job?
Q14.How many hours in a week can you dedicate to your work?
Q15.Tell us about your biggest achievements till date.
Q16.How did you respond to a situation when you got negative feedback from your employers or from a passenger?
Q17.Did you take home any learning which you acquired by meeting people from different cultures?
Q18.What do you think should your responsibilities be as a good airhostess?
Q19.Why should we hire you?
Q20.How do you deal with angry passengers?
Q21.Tell us about a situation when you really had to think very quickly in order to come up with a solution.
Q22.Tell us about your organizational skills
Q23.Tell us about a time when you excelled under pressure.
Q24.Tell us a little about your previous job.
Q25.How important is quality for you?
Q26.Describe a situation in your professional life which really left you angry.
Q27.What are you looking forward to in terms of learning from our company?
Q28.What makes you more comfortable—working in a team or alone?
Q29.Tell us about a time when you really felt like you have involved members in your team to fulfill certain responsibilities.
Q30.How did you react when you had to go an extra mile?
Q31.What do you know about our company?
Q32.Have you ever made mistakes? Do you believe in learning from them?

Q33.What do you think is the value of relationship in your job?
Q34.Can you swim for 50 meters without help?
Q35.What are your biggest fears?
Q36.Would you like doing repetitive work for a long time?
Q37.What do you think is the ideal job for you?
Q38.Do you find it difficult to carry on working putting up a smile on your face the whole time?
Q39.Are you comfortable in relocating?
Q40.How good do you think you are at anticipating a passenger’s needs?
Q41.Do you know anyone from our company?
Q42.Tell us about your problem solving skills.
Q43.How would you react to a situation when you think that the organization you are working for has altered its goals?
Q44.How would you respond on being praised by a customer?
Q45.How important is loyalty for you?
Q46.Which qualities do you think you think make you different from the other candidates?
Q47.Do you think its fun to be part of the Cabin Crew? Why?
Q48.What would you have to say about your current employer?
Q49.Describe your special skills
Q50.Do you believe there is ample scope for learning in your job?

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