Interview questions for Amdocs

Q1.Why do you want to join Amdocs?
Q2.Tell us something about your BE project. Explain your role in it briefly.
Q3.Tell us something about SQL Clusters.
Q4.Are you considering any offer from another company?
Q5.In which field are you more interested- testing or development?
Q6.What do you know about Amdocs?
Q7.Tell us about some of your biggest achievements till date.
Q8.Where do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?
Q9.Do you think that till now your career has shaped up the way you like?
Q10.State the output of the following:
float a=.7
if(a= .7)
Q11. Would you like doing repetitive work?
Q12. How is it possible to establish a mobile call?
Q13. What is automata theory?
Q14. What are links in reference to UNIX?
Q15. Can you please write a program for Fibonacci for us?
Q16. Do you have any question for our organization?
Q17. How comfortable are you working in a team? Are you more comfortable working alone?
Q18. In which phase of SDLC would you like working in?
Q19. What will be the conclusion of the following statements?
i) All books are chairs
ii) All chairs are red
i) Some red things are books
ii) All books are red.
Q20. Why did you stick for so long in your previous company?
Q21. Tell us about a situation when you had committed a serious mistake in your previous company and how you had rectified it.
Q22. Do you think you are ambitious enough?
Q23. State the output of the following:
case 1: printf(“case 1”);
case (2):printf(“default”);
Q24. How did you handle conflicting situations at your previous job?
Q25. What do you think is your biggest strength?
Q26. Do you have any knowledge on SQL?
Q27. Why do you want to leave your present job?
Q28. Describe some of the previous projects you have worked on.
Q29. Tell us about your long term career goals.
Q30. Why should Amdocs hire you?

Interview Questions for Business Analyst at Amdocs

Q31. Rate your facilitation skills.
Q32. What kind of experience do you have in Project Management?
Q33. Tell us something about brainstorm.
Q34. Do you have any experience in Data warehousing?
Q35. Do you have any exposure to the Mobility business?
Q36. Describe your oral and written communication skills.
Q37. What can you tell us about use case?
Q38. How do you plan to contribute to our business requirements once you are hired?
Q39. How well do you think you can understand problems?
Q40. What do you mean by baselined requirements?

Interview Questions for Senior Testing Engineer at Amdocs

Q41. What kind of UNIX experience do you have?
Q42. What do you know about data modeling?
Q43. Describe your experience in Turbo Charging.
Q44. Share your knowledge of Amdocs OMS.
Q45. Describe your leadership skills.
Q46. What do you know about TOAD?
Q47. Share your experience in automated testing.
Q48. Rate your management skills.
Q49. How quick do you think you will be able to master new technologies?
Q50. Describe your execution skills.

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