Interview questions and answers at Aricent

General Interview Questions at Aricent

Q1.Share your knowledge about linked list.
Answer: A linked list in Computer Science is known as a data structure that comprises a group of nodes that represent a single sequence when taken together.

Q2. Tell us about the phases of SDLC
Answer: Software Development Lifecycle or SDLC involves six different stages:
Gathering requirements and analysis
Analysis of system
System Design

Q3. Tell us about user authentication software.?
Answer: User authentication is one of the key factors influencing the smooth implementation of business operations. In a bid to attain this, organizations have to set up due user access rights for users. Software authentication is a two factor solution that facilitates safe remote network access without the aid of a dedicated hardware authenticator.

Q4. What do you have to tell us about digital electronics?
Answer: Digital electronic circuits signify signals consisting of analog levels rather than the continuous range. The entire concept of integrating digital techniques in to electronics is to facilitate functionality. It becomes easier for an electric device to switch in to one of several known states rather than producing a range of values without flaw.

Q5. What do you know about time complexity?
Answer: Time complexity refers to or quantifies the total time that an algorithm takes to run in the form of a function of the length of the string presenting the output.

Q6. Which one among these is preferred- calloc or malloc? Give reason.?
Answer: Usually malloc is preferred owing to the fact that it takes a single argument or memory while calloc needs two for memory allocation. Additionally, calloc initializes the allocated memory to zero while malloc doesn’t do the same.

Q7. Tell us about the different types of testing.?
Answer: System Testing, Unit Testing, Usability Testing, Acceptance Testing, Beta Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing are some of the key types of testing.
Unit Testing refers to the testing of an individual unit or that of a group or bunch of related units.
System testing is done to ensure that the software in question is running efficiently in all kinds of operating systems.
Acceptance testing refers to the testing that is done to ensure that the finished product amply complies with the expectations of customer.

Q8. What are abstract classes? Why do we need them?
Answer: Abstract classes are similar to that of interfaces. These are the types of classes that can’t be actually exemplified but are used while creating components as they help us to define an invariant level of functionality.

Q9.What do you know about validation?
Q10.Why should Aricent hire you?
Q11.Tell us about your C++ skills.
Q12.How would you rate your Java skills?
Q13.Why do you want to work for Aricent?
Q14.Given a situation you have been assigned with the task of selecting a candidate from your college for a paper presentation competition at Aricent?
Q15.Tell us about a situation when it was really difficult for you to learn something. Did you end up learning it? If yes, then how?
Q16.Would you relocate if Aricent requires you to do so?
Q17.Do you have any question for Aricent?
Q18.Tell us about your experiences of working in a team.
Q19.What will you do when you will be offered a better salary in another company?
Q20.Answer this question on memmap() function.
float f= 11.002

Q21. Share your knowledge about OS.
Q22.void *ptr;
myStruct myArray [10]:
What is the right way to increase the variable “ptr”?
ptr=ptr + sizeof (myArray);
ptr=ptr + sizeof(ptr);
ptr= ptr + sizeof(myStruct);

Q22. Do you think that so far your career has shaped the way you like?
Q23. What do you know about alphabetical coding sitting arrangement?
Q24. Tell us about your Linux and unix skills?
Q25. Describe the previous project you had worked on.?
Q26. Tell us about your C skills?
Q27. Define class in such a manner that you will be able to make object of this class on a heap but not on a stack.

Interview questions for Software Engineer at Aricent

Q28. Share your knowledge about MAC, RLC?
Answer: The Medium Access Control (MAC) and Radio Link Control (RLC) software is used in 2.5G wireless track. It offers the data (both acknowledged and unacknowledged) transfer between base station controller and mobile station.

Q29. What do you know about LTE?
Answer: LTE or long term evolution is a standard used for wireless communication with extraordinary speed for data terminals and mobile phones. Generally marketed as 4G LTE it is based on UMTS/HSPA and GSM/EDGE technologies.

Q30. Have you ever worked on complete SDLC?
Q31. Do you have any experience in the Wireless domain?
Q32. How well can you handle customers if Aricent hires you?
Q33. Tell us about your monitoring skills.
Q34. Describe your problem solving skills.

Interview questions for Wireless Developer at Aricent

Q35. Tell us about your 2G/3G skills.
Q36. What do you know about PDCP layers?
Q37. What do you know about 2.5G?

Interview questions for Software Developer at Aricent

Q38. Tell us about Vxworks
Answer: It refers to a real time operating system created by River Systems of Alameda, California mainly as a proprietary one.

Q39. What kind of knowledge do you have in Layered Architecture?
Answer: It is kind of software architecture that uses multiple layers to divide the responsibilities.

Q40. Do you have any knowledge about UMTS?
Answer: Yes, it can be briefly described as the third generation mobile system for networks that is heavily based on the GSM standard. Its full form is the Universal Moblie Telecommunications System.

Q41. What do you know about Debuggers?
Q42. Tell us about 3gpp User Plane Protocols.
Q43. Tell us about your RANAP skills.

Other Technical Interview questions and answers at Aricent

Q44. Tell us something about WiMax.
Answer: Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access or WiMax can be defined as the wireless communications standard aimed at offering 30-40 megabit per second data rates.

Q45. What is a resolver?
Answer: It is primarily used for measuring the degree of rotation. It is a kind of rotary electrical transformer. Article sources:,,,,

Q46. What do you know about product development lifecycle experiences?
Q47. Tell us about the different microprocessors.
Q48. Tell us about the different OOPs.
Q49. What do you know about linear and non-linear data structures?
Q50.Qwhat would be your process of selection?

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