Interview Questions at Arvind Mills

Arvind Mills was founded in 1931 amidst high competition in the textile industry, which is one of the most challenging sectors in India due to the presence of large number of unorganised players. Over the years, Arvind Mills has managed to scale and establish itself as the top textile unit of the country. Today, the company records a turnover of $500million and is the world’s fourth largest producer and exporter of denim. In India, it operates its own brands like Newport, Flying Machine and Excalibur and has licensed international brands like Wrangler, Lee, Tommy Hilfiger and Arrow. This leadership position attained by Arvind Mills should be attributed to its state-of-the-art manufacturing units and highly motivated and result oriented human resource. 

The interview process at Arvind Mills is highly professional and involves a robust selection process through which candidates with positive and performance driven attitude are selected. The typical selection process at Arvind Mills involves two rounds. The first round is an IQ/Intelligence test which is followed by a Personal interview round where the selected candidates interact with the senior management.

List of Interview Questions

Given below are few questions that were asked to previous employees which will help you prepare for your interview at Arvind Mills.

Q1.Introduce yourself with a brief on your family.
Q2.Do you have a specific interest in the textile industry in general? If so, why?
Q3.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q4.How will your strength help you succeed at Arvind Mills?
Q5.What have you done to overcome your weakness?
Q6.Why are you interested for joining Arvind Mills?
Q7.In your past job experience, what according to you is your greatest achievement and why?
Q8.What according to you is the biggest challenge faced by the garment industry in India and what solution do you have for the same?
Q9.In a highly volatile industry like garments, how will you motivate and retain your subordinates?
Q10.Who are the major players in this sector and what is their respective market share?
Q11.Who are the targeted customers for the Brand?
Q12.In traditional Indian scenario, how will you expand your customer segment with Denim as a product?
Q13.What motivates you most in your job?
Q14.Why do you want to change your current job?
Q15.How will Arvind Mills be benefitted with your association?
Q16.What are the best practices you have learnt in your previous assignments that you will introduce at Arvind Mills and why?
Q17.Introducing own brands or marketing international brands, which according to you is more preferred in Indian Market?
Q18.With the ever changing fashion trends, what strategy will Arvind Mills adopt to sustain its leadership position?
Q19.Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

Q20.What role does supply chain management play in this Industry?
Q21.How will you optimise on the last mile?
Q22.What are the major hurdles faced in distribution and how can that be resolved?
Q23.Arvind Mills has two diverse operations – firstly, it owns its own exclusive branded stores; secondly, it supplies textiles to other major brands and multi-branded outlets. How will you manage the channel conflicts?
Q24.Please share an example where you have handled crisis successfully. What strategy did you adopt to resolve it?
Q25.Do you want to ask any thing to us or want to know anything about the company?

The personal interview round is the most crucial one since it involves one to one interaction and is a major contributor to the kind of impression that the management of the company forms about you. Apart from the knowledge test, this round also evaluates the psychological and behavioural aspect of the candidate.

Try to be as specific as possible by narrating examples backed by facts and figures. Every company wants a confident, knowledgeable and performing employee and you could be the right one.   

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