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General Interview questions and answers at Bajaj

Q1.What do you know about Bajaj?
Answer:The best way to answer this question will be to begin from the time of its launch. Give a quick report of the growth of the company. Mention the mission statement and vision of Bajaj. A major portion of your answer should be focused on the major achievements of the company. Also highlight some of the challenges that the company faced in its history. Be very specific about important facts and figures.

Q2. Describe you managerial skills.
Answer:Answer this question by mentioning a previous experience where your managerial skills were tested. From the experiences, draw inferences of the skills you displayed and showcase your managerial skills. 

Q3. Are you satisfied with the way your career has shaped up till now?
Answer:Yes. Up to a large extent, I am satisfied with the way my career has shaped up because every move has been a learning experience. But I like to evolve and take on new challenges.

Q4. How would you react if your team stops performing well?
Answer:My first reaction would be curiosity because I would be curious to know what caused the drop in performance. My first step would be analyse the cause of low performance. Based on these results, I will plan ways to motivate the team and get them to perform better.

Q5. What are the negative aspects of your present team?
Answer:Speak from your experience and give a believable answer. The answer should not reflect badly on your efficiency as a leader. Also include ways which you plan to deal with the situation.

Q6. Do you know anything about our business?
Answer:Bajaj operates different industries in India. For this question, you need to talk specifically about the company that you have applied to. Give an overview of what the company does and how it has evolved over time.

Q7.What do you mean by backlash in gears? When can it be harmful?
Q8.Choose the correct answer:
Which one of these is the angle between plane parallel to the base of the tool and the face of the tool?
a) Clearance angle
b) Lip angle
c) Rake angle
d) Cutting edge angle
Q9. What is the language in which the compiler of C is written?
Q10. A street has 1000 buildings on it. A sign-maker is supposed to number the houses from 1 -1000. State the number of zeroes required by him.
Q11. A worker has a 5% hike. A year later he experiences a 2.5% cut in salary. Find out his first salary if he earns INR 22702.68 now.
Q12. Why is throttle valve used in steam engines?
Q13.We have got 8A from a transformer. But you only need 5A- how is it possible to reduce this?
Q14. What is the state of liquid during evaporation?
a) Water vapor
b) Vapor
c) Steam
Q15. There was a power cut when Virat was studying at night. It was around 1.00 am. He lighted two uniform candles having equal lengths but different breadths. The thicker candle will last 6 hours which is 2-3 hours more than the thinner candle. The thick candle was twice as long as the thin candle when he went to sleep. Find out for how long Virat studied in candle light.
Q16. State the entry for deprecation.
Q17. State the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke diesel engine.
Q18. The clock ticks 6 times at 6 o’clock. 30 seconds is the time between the first and the last ticks. Find out how long it ticks at 12.
Q19. State the meaning of EDO in DG panels.
Q20. What is the material of Crank Shaft?
Q21. How is lower spindle necessary?
Q22.1/3rd s of the content in a container evaporated on the first day. On the second day 3/4ths of content evaporated. How much of the content is left at the end of the second day?
Q23. Write the equation which governs kinematic links and pairs.
Q24. State the power factor of choke coil used in tube lights.
Q25. What are bevel gears used for?
Q26. A person wished to withdraw X rupees and Y paisa from the bank. However, by mistake the cashier gives him Y rupees and X paisa. Neither the person nor the cashier realized the mistake during the transaction; the person finds out that he has withdrawn double the money which he wanted to withdraw after spending 20 paisa. Find out the values of X and Y.
Q27. Tell us something about SAP.
Q28. Tell us something about MS Access.
Q29. Choose the correct option:
State the type of thread which is more effective for power transmission in a single direction
a) Acme
b) Square
c) Buttress
Q30. Say something about Otto cycles.

Interview Questions and Answers for Assistant Managers/ Tendering Managers (Special Projects) at Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Q31. What kind of experience do you have in handling power distribution projects?
Answer:Give an honest overview of your experiences. Quote certain incidences as examples and highlight the skills you displayed in the previous job.

Q32. Tell us about your cost analysis skills.
Answer:Your answer should highlight the pattern you use to analyse costs. Cost analysis is done on two fronts – cost-benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis. Cost benefit analysis tells you the returns you receive from the investment. Cost effectiveness analysis tells you which option among the many available alternatives is the best to receive maximum returns from the investment.

Q33. Describe your review skills.
Answer:Review skills refer to your analysis and observational abilities on multiple activities that form a part of your job profile. You need to give a description of the different aspects you focus upon when while reviewing a project or report.

Q34. Describe your negotiation skills.
Answer:Talk about how you approach a situation where you need to negotiate. Essentially, negotiation involves diplomatically persuading and convincing. The pattern of negotiation depends with evaluating the other party, and having a thorough understand of your requirements as well as the requirements of the other party.

  Q35. Describe your vendor assessment skills.
Answer:Talk about the qualities you look for when you hire a vendor. The main qualities will be work ethics and reliability of the vendor. Secondly, you evaluate vendors based on their body of work and not years of work. Third, quality is always more important than price. You would assign performance scores based on various parameters and compare scores to select the final one.

Q36. How well are you at client handling?
Answer:Give an example where you had to handle a difficult client. Talk about your specific skills that help you handle customers.

Q37. What are the prevailing tax norms?
Q38. Tell us something about illumination lightning.
Q39. What do you know about QAP?
Q40. Share your experience in Product Development.

Interview Questions and Answers for Business Development Executive (TRILUX) at Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Q41. Tell us about your market research skills.
Answer:Talk about the different important parameters that you consider while conducting market research. Also talk about how you evaluate different parameters such as the latest trends, customer response, customer expectations and performance of your product.

Q42. How good do you think are you at feasibility study?
Answer:Whatever your answer, you should be able to justify it with an example or by giving an explanation of the process you adopt to run a feasibility study. 

Q43. How would you work towards managing dealers once we hire you?
Answer:Dealer management could be one of the most important parts of your job. So, your answer needs to outline a reliable and believable process or methodology you observe to manage dealers.

Q44. Are you a good team player?
Answer:Justify your answer with an example.

Q45. Tell us about retailer management skills.
Answer:Talk about the different skills you would use to manage retail operations.

Q46. How would you exercise your managerial skills if we hire you?
Answer:Your answer should reflect that you have the greater good of the company in mind. Cultural unity among employees, focus towards goals and efficiency on individual employee level should be your aim. Aiding robust communication in your team should be one of your objectives.

Q47. What kind of experience do you have in marketing?
Q48. What kind of experience do you have in sales?
Q49. What do you have to tell us about your tender participation skills?
Q50. Do you have any accounting experience?

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