Interview Questions for Bank of America

The Interview process at Bank of America generally has three rounds namely:
  • Online Application and Testing
  • Telephone Interview
  • Assessment Centre

Q1.Why should Bank of America hire you?
Q2.Tell us about the latest news regarding Bank of America that you have come across. Do you think that this will affect the bank’s reputation in any way?
Q3.Give us one solid reason why we should select you.
Q4.Why are you quitting your present job?
Q5.Do you think that you are a creative individual?
Q6.Tell us about the worst mistake that you have ever committed in your life.
Q7.Tell us about your way or ways of dealing with failure.
Q8.Tell us how you would deal with an irate customer.
Q9.Please share with us any incident when you had to face several work related challenges as a part of huge team. How did you deal with it?
Q10.Do you know anyone who works for our bank?
Q11.Tell us about a time when you had to finish a task in a very short period of time. What was the outcome?
Q12.Tell us how important is a career at Bank of America for you?
Q13.Please tell us about your problem solving skills in detail.
Q14.Tell us about the recent products and services that our bank is offering and also tell us about the market response to those products.
Q15.Do you know who our current regional manager is?
Q16.Do you think you can influence people well? Why?
Q17.What do you know about our company?
Q18.Tell us about your experience of dealing with clients.
Q19.Did you ever have to handle disagreements at your previous job? If yes then tell us about it.
Q20.Have you shown resilience in any matter in the last 6 months to a year?  If yes, tell us about it.
Q21.Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now?
Q22.Have you ever had an experience where you had to conduct thorough research in a bid to complete a project? If yes then please tell us about it in detail.
Q23.What do you think has been your biggest achievement?
Q24.How would you like to describe your management skills?
Q25.What would you have to tell us about your soft skills?

Q26.Differentiate between debt and equity.
Q27.Explain to us an audit process in detail.
Q28.What do you think will be the status of Euro this year?
Q29.Differentiate clearly between real and nominal account.
Q30.What is the need for WCT?
Q31.How would you discover that a map is corrupted?
Q32.What is GDP?
Q33.What do you mean by normalization?
Q34.State the journal entry for tax refund.
Q35.Differentiate briefly between web server and app server.
Q36.What are assets?
Q37.Do you know what the rate on TDS on NRI is?
Q38.What can you tell us about malloc?
Q39.What are indexes?
Q40.State the disadvantages of using indexes.

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