Interview Questions for Bank of Maharashtra

Q1. Tell us about your education.
Q2. Why did you choose to study ___ (your field) in your graduation?
Q3. Describe your work experience (if any).
Q4. Why do you want to work in Bank of Maharashtra?
Q5. How do you think will your graduation subject help in your work in a bank?
Q6. How would you describe your strengths and weaknesses?
Q7. Tell us about an incident that showed your leadership quality.
Q8. What are your salary expectations?
Q9. What kind of people do you like working with? What kind of people do you find difficult to work with?
Q10. How would you deal with a difficult customer?
Q11. What are your career expectations?
Q12. What has inspired you to work in the banking sector?
Q13. What is more important to you – growing career opportunities or increasing salary?
Q14. Tell us about your family.
Q15. What other skills did you learn after completing your last degree course?
Q16. What do you think about relocating with a family for your job?
Q17. Multinational firms pay much higher than public banks. Why would then somebody want to work in such banks?
Q18. How do you handle misunderstandings?
Q19. What qualities do you have that you think make you the best candidate for a banking job as this?
Q20. Why do you want to leave your previous company?
Q21. Why do you think that a job in the bank is better than the job that you did earlier?
Q22. How do you handle challenges? Tell us about an experience you had.
Q23. Tell us about your knowledge in computers, modem and printer.
Q24. How comfortable are you in working with a computer for your work?
Q25. What do you know about installing a printer to a computer?

Financial and Banking Related Questions

Q26. What do you know about the banking industry?
Q27. Which recent economic event influenced you personally? How?
Q28. How does ‘Repo Rate’ differ from the ‘CRR Rate’?
Q29. Tell us about the types of loans provided by banks.
Q30. What differentiates a public bank from a private bank?
Q31. How does the RBI control banks?
Q32. What steps would you suggest that a bank can take to reduce inflation?
Q33. What do you understand by “Prepayment”?
Q34. What do you know about the history of the Bank of Maharashtra?
Q35. How do you think can the Indian economy come out of the recent recession?

Q36. What would you do to increase the revenue of the bank?
Q37. Tell us what you know about the latest offerings of the Bank of Maharashtra?
Q38. While reading about the Bank of Maharashtra, which activity inspired you the most?
Q39. What do you understand by “Statutory Liquidity Rate”?
Q40. What do you know about MSF?
Q41. What steps would you take to decrease the number of people below the poverty line?
Q42. Do you support privatization of banks?
Q43. What do you know about the competitors of the Bank of Maharashtra?
Q44. How is a probationary officer different from a clerk?
Q45. Which area of banking do you think you have the skills for?
Q46. How do you think that Indian public banks are better than foreign banks?
Q47. What do you understand by the term “Reinsurance”?
Q48. What are the sources of income for a bank?
Q49. What do you think are the problems in the banking sector in our country?
Q50. Who is the current managing director of the Bank of Maharashtra?

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