Interview Questions for Bank PO


Q1. What is NEFT?
Q2. What do you know about Distillation?
Q3. Why do you want to work in a bank?
Q4. What is a debit card and what all can the user do with it?
Q5. Would you say that the banking sector is growing at a steady pace?
Q6. What are the differences between the economies of Jharkhand and Karnataka?
Q7. What are the roles of the RBI?
Q8. What do you know about Bank Rate and Repo Rate?
Q9. What do you mean my SLR?
Q10.What are the various kinds of banks?
Q11. How are bank interest rates and inflation related?
Q12. What do you mean by Contingent Liability?
Q13. What are the major differences between nationalized and private banks?
Q14. Who is the finance secretary of India?
Q15. What do you know about monetary policy?
Q16. If a customer gives you a fake note, what will you do?
Q17.Tell us what you know about a bearer cheque.
Q18. Which are the various channels of banking?
Q19. What is a bank?
Q20. What are the various functions of banks?
Q21. What is a Reverse Repo rate?
Q22. What do you mean by accounting?
Q23. Define CRR.
Q24. What do you know about insurance liability?
Q25. What do you think the future trends will be in the banking industry?
Q26. When was the NIACL nationalized?
Q27. What do you know about dated securities?
Q28. What are treasury bills?
Q29. How important is the insurance sector?
Q30. Tell us what you know about the financial crisis in America.
Q31. Name the first bank that was established in India.

Q32. Why do you want to join bank?
Q33. What do you know about mobile banking?
Q34. What all can a user do with a credit card?
Q35. What is the difference between a credit and a debit card?
Q36. What do you know about credit quality improvement?
Q37. Who is the Chairman of the State Bank of India?
Q38. What is Prime Lending Rate?
Q39. What is overdraft?
Q40. What is reinsurance?

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