Interview Questions - BHEL

General Interview Questions- BHEL

1) What do you know about BHEL?
2) Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.
3) What is the fuel ratio in jet engine?
4) Choose the correct option:
What does pre-emphasis in FM system involve?
a) Expansion of the modulating signal
b) Amplification of higher frequency components of modulating signal
c) Compression of modulating signal
d) Amplification of lower frequency components of modulating signal

5) State the difference between a public servant and a civil servant.
6) Why is DC current not used in a transformer?
7) Which radar is used to remove clutter in navigational application?
a) Tracking radar
b) MTI radar
c) Pulse radar
d) Mono pulse radar

8) Find out the mass of the car when it moves with the velocity of 60 kilometers per hour and has the energy of 5 X 105 joules.
9) State the units of surface tension.
10) How much successful do you think you are?
11) What is a superconductor?
12) A gear having 25 teeth revolves around a gear having 100 teeth. The gear with 100 teeth is stationery. An arm joins the center lines of both the gears. How many revolutions will the 25 teeth gear make for one revolution of the arm?
13) What do you mean by Vortex motion?
14) Name the coding system generally used in digital telemetry.
15) Why do you think yourself fit to join BHEL?
16) State the unit of entropy.
17) Name the instruments which can be used while measuring a signal of 10mV at 75 MHz
a) Moving iron voltmeter
c) Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
d) Digital Multimeter

18) Can you tell us about a few cases when your work had been criticized?
19) What is a gas turbine?
20) Name the refrigerants which have the highest critical point temperature.
21) How is transmission of signals achieved in terrestrial microwave system?
a) Through line of sight mode
b) Through diffraction from stratosphere
c) Through reflection from ionosphere
d) Through reflection from ground

22) What is the runaway speed of a hydraulic turbine?
23) What is the product of Cupola called?
24) A ladder of 13m height is placed against a smooth vertical wall. The lower end of the ladder is 5m from the wall. Find out the co-efficient of friction between the floor and the ladder so that it rests in equilibrium.
25) What does the internal energy of a substance depend on?
26) Say something about Digital multimeters.

27) State the value of Prandtl No.
28) What is Wet bulb temperature?
29) Is the Q of a radio coil independent of frequency?
30) What are analog multimeters?

Interview Questions for Mechanical Engineers BHEL
31) State the difference between a dynamo and alternator
32) Why does a motor car refuse to start?
33) What is hammering of fluid?
34) How does an air-condition work?
35) What do you mean by mechanics?
36) Why can you not use alcohol as fuel in diesel engine?
37) When is multistage pump used?
38) What is viscosity?
39) What do you mean by spheroidising?
40) What is a pitch?

Interview Questions for Electrical Engineers BHEL
41) What is the speed of electricity?
42) What is an inverter?
43) Do the electrons just vibrate at their position or do they really flow?
44) How are the ratings of machines provided?
45) What is transformer ratting?
46) State the difference between grounding and earthing.
47) State the unit of inductance.
48) What is RMU? State its function
49) Is there any chance of receiving shocks from the transformer oil during its maintenance, owing to its dialectical property?
50) What is field voltage?

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