Interview Questions for Biocon

The Biocon interview procedure generally consists of three rounds whereby you have to face a preliminary scrutiny round,  the a written test and then a personal interview consisting of both the usual HR questions and the technical questions:       

General Interview Questions at Biocon

Q1.Why do you think you are the best person for this profile?
Q2.Why do you want to work with Biocon?
Q3.Why should Biocon hire you?
Q4.Do you know anyone who works in our company?
Q5.What do you know about our company, Biocon?
Q6.Tell us about your long term goals briefly
Q7.How would you like to rate your interpersonal skills?
Q8.What can you bring on board as an employee to ensure the growth of your company?
Q9.Tell us about your past career experiences in detail.
Q10.If you get a chance to be a part of our company, where would you like to see this company in a year?
Q11.Tell us about that one quality you possess that no one else interviewing for this position has. How do you think that quality would prove to be an asset for Biocon in the years to come?
Q12.What kind of knowledge do you have about the products of Biocon in the market?

Specific interview questions at Biocon

Q13.Why do you think that sterile operations are necessary?
Q14.Tell us briefly about MHC II.
Q15.Tell us about the phrase when several copies of virus should be made and released as well.
Q16.What are exons? How would you differentiate between exons and introns?
Q17.How would you sell this stapler pin?
Q18.How would you differentiate between gram positive and gram negative?
Q19.What is MHC I? How would you like to differentiate it from MHC II?
Q20.What can you tell us about a bioreactor? Can you list some of the differences between a bioreactor and fermentor?

Q21.What can you tell us about the Gram Staining method? Please tell us about it in detail.
Q22.Michaelis Menten--- please tell us about it in detail.
Q23.Please differentiate these three processes—Neutral, Earthing and Grounding
Q24.Which amino acids contain sulphur?
Q25.What do you mean by Antibody? Can you draw a structure of the Antibody for us?
Q26.Can you tell us about Asymmetric Dihydroxilation in detail?
Q27.Tell us about by the method by which I can measure the level underground tank.
Q28.Tell us the reason behind using the bearing in pumps and motors. Please be as detailed as possible here.
Q29.Clearly state the difference between hplc and gc. Mention the reason why purity is not being measured by the gc for the final products.
Q30.What can you tell us about immunoglobulin?
Q31.Can any other material than caffeine be useful in calibrating hplc detector? If yes, what is it?
Q32.Tell us what you know about plant incorporated protectants? In which was do you think are they beneficial?
Q33.Why do you think the mechanical seal is used in pumps?
Q34.What is alkene?
Q35.What exactly can you tell us about forbidden clones?
Q36.Elaborate on the way by which esters can be converted to alcohols.
Q37.Why are you more interested in pursuing sales instead of opting for PhD after the completion of your MSc?
Q38.State the principal of FTIR.
Q39.What are esters?
Q40.State the principal of GC/HPLC

*The interview procedures may change from time to time.

Last Updated On:4/23/2013

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