Interview Questions and Answers for Java Developer Birlasoft

Q1.How do you know about Birlasoft?
Answer:Birla is one of the most prominent, successful and reputed companies in India. Talk about some examples of the work done by Birlasoft and give a general overview of the company.

Q2.Why do you think Birlasoft is the company you want to work in?
Answer:Talk about the objectives of Birlasoft and how you agree with those objectives. Also talk about your skills and qualifications, and how they will be of use to Birlasoft in a significant manner.

Q3.What skills did you learn in your previous company?
Answer:Mention some skills that can enhance your chances of employment at Birlasoft along with other skills you developed previously. Before the interview, check the job profile, analyse the required skill set and give examples from your previous job that helped you develop those skills.

Q4.How would you to contribute to Birlasoft?
Answer:Talk about how you can contribute in different ways – as a member of the team, on an individual capacity and always focused on goals of the project. Your varied skills will be cumulatively used for successful completion of projects in particular and growth of the company in general.

Q5.Tell us about a team work experience you have had in the past. What role did you have in the team?
Answer:You need to speak from your experience. Whatever the role you played in the team, whether as a team leader or a member of the team, focus on elucidating how your presence contributed to the betterment of work. Cite examples where your actions were significant to completion of projects. The interviewer is always more interested in seeing the value you add to a job profile rather just than knowing the position you held in the team.

Q6.What has been your experience of interacting with a client or customer?
Answer:Your experience should be mainly positive. However, mention one incident that happened in the beginning stages of your career where you faltered while interacting with clients. Talk about how and what you learnt from the incident. This is a good way of letting your interviewers know that you are good at analysing your actions and learning from it, which is a trait that employers look for in their employees.

Q7.Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Answer:Talk about your career aspirations in Birlasoft without mentioning anything about taking up better offers. You could say that you see yourself as a successful and popular employee holding an important managerial position in the business.

Q8.What are the features of Java? Explain.
Q9.Tell us how would you debug the Java code?
Q10.How is Map and HashMap associated?
Q11.Which is unsynchronized, HashMap or Hashtable? In what circumstance is unsynchronized chosen over synchronized?
Q12.Discuss the process of serialization of an object?
Q13.Which class would you use to generate output relating to a mountainous region? Why?
Q14.How is the daemon thread created and used?
Q15.How does the java compiler use the default value of a local variable?
Q16.During what situations will you get “NoSuchMethodError”?
Discuss 5 such scenarios?
Q17.How can Anonymous class be used?
Q18.Tell us about the new version of Java?What is new about it?
Q19.Have you studied any other language other than what was taught in your university curriculum?
Q20.What do you know about the testing methodologies?
Q21.What do you understand by an IT services provider?
Q22.What is the use of DBMS?
Q23.How is the Global Temporary Table used?
Q24.What are the types of constraints?
Q25.What do you know about self join?
Q26.How do materialized views differ from views?
Q27.Differentiate between extension and intension?
Q28.What is the difference between relational structure and data structure in System R?
Q29.What is the relation of view and data independence?
Q30.How does entity set differ from entity type?
Q31.Discuss DML, SDL and VDL.
Q32.What is domain oriented relational calculus?
Q33.What is the concept of functional dependency? When is it minimal?
Q34.What is OLAP? What is its relation to data ware housing?
Q35.What do you know about the E-R model?
Q36.What can lead to unnecessary aborts?
Q37.What do you know about Correlated Subquery?
Q38.What do you understand by data dictionary?
Q39.What are the two important things of RDMS architecture?

Q40.What do you know about the types of UNIX systems?
Q41.What attributes does a file have? What is the method of changing File Access Permissions?
Q42.In the UNIX file system, what do you understand by symbolic links?
Q43.What do you know about CODD rules?
Q44.In what scenario is denormalization used?
Q45.How would you differentiate Scalar and Aggregate Functions?
Q46.What do you understand by the term “Snow Flake Schema”?
Q47.How would you explain the concept of data mining to someone who knows nothing about DBMS?
Q48.Discuss the stored and stand alone procedures.
Q49.In Oracle, what do you understand by hot and cold backup?
Q50.What is the relation between an identifier and scope resolution operator?

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