Interview questions for Bombay Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing and Mfg. Co. Ltd was established in the year 1879 under the banner of Wadia Group. What started off as a humble hand dyed cotton operation has grown to become one of India’s largest textile producers. The company now has over 300 stores of its own and is present in 2000+ multi brand stores across the country. The company is now synonymous with luxury home furnishings, producing the most sought after upholstery in terms of quality and design.

The interview process in such a reputed organisation is, undoubtedly, quite stringent. However, the questions asked are solely to assess the candidate’s aptitude for the job and his or her ability to contribute to the company’s growth. Depending on the position applied for, the interview may lead to a group discussion and related aptitude tests before the final selection of the candidate. If you are applying for a post with this organisation, here are a few questions that will help you prepare and gain an advantage in the interview round.

Q1.Tell us a little bit about yourself
Q2.The textile industry is one of the oldest industries in our country. Tell us what you know about this industry and why you are interested in it?
Q3.With your qualifications, justify why you have chosen this post?
Q4.Why have you chosen Bombay Dyeing and Mfg. Co. Ltd to apply for this particular post?
Q5.What do you know about Bombay Dyeing?
Q6.With the trends in the company in the last few years, can you briefly analyse the vision and mission of this company?
Q7.If yes, how can you contribute to taking this company closer to that mission?
Q8.What are some specific qualities in you that would benefit Bombay Dyeing?
Q9.Are you aware of any products and services offered by Bombay Dyeing? Please list the products and give critical review of some popular ones.
Q10.Have you purchased Bombay Dyeing products? If yes, tell us what you felt about using them. Please give a user’s prospective.
Q11.Are you aware of some of our competitors and their products? Please name them.

Q12.What do you think is lacking in our products or better in our products that defines our position against the competition?
Q13.If you can name one product that is currently not positioned well in our market, what would you do to obtain more sales?
Q14.How do you think your work experiences in the past will benefit the company?
Q15.Bombay Dyeing is a customer centric company. How will you handle a dissatisfied customer?
Q16.When a dispute arises within a team, what measures will you take to sort it out?
Q17.What positive impact can you have on our existing company – customer relations?
Q18.The textile industry is growing rapidly. There has been a significant growth in the last decade in production and consumption alike. Observing these trends, what are your predictions about this industry in the next five years?
Q19.Based on these predictions, what do you think this company needs to keep growing?
Q20.What will you define as your biggest professional achievement till date? And why?
Q21.What has been the biggest professional downside? What have you done to overcome it?
Q22.This is an ever changing industry. How you propose to keep developing your skills?
Q23.There is a lot of competition inside the company and beyond it. What are the few measures that you will take to stay ahead of competition?
Q24.What are you looking for from this job on a personal level?
Q25.Give us five qualities that will convince us that you are the best candidate for this post?

These are a few common questions faced by applicants during the interview process. However, it is important for you to gain as much information as possible about the company and the industry that you are going to be working in. The more homework you can do, the easier it will be for you to face an interview. Good luck!

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