Interview Questions and Answers for Britannia

Q1. How would you handle a difficult team member?
Answer:As a leader, it is very important that you pay more attention to the difficult members in the team. Many leaders make the mistake of ignoring difficult members and focusing on the good performers. In the long term, this could lead to an overall drop in the efficiency of the team. So, you need to answer this question by showing that you would proactively communicate with the difficult member and pay special attention to solving the issues that make him or her difficult.

Q2. Tell us about an incident when you had to deal with a transition in your job. How did you handle the situation?
Answer:Change management is an important aspect of a business. During change, employees play a crucial role in enabling smooth transition. You need to answer this question by highlighting your skills that can help you handle. One of the important skills is adaptability. Give an example about such a situation and focus on your management skills instead of describing the change scenario.

Q3. How would you describe your dream job as?
Answer:Answer this question by talking about your career aspirations. For instance, your dream job would be to hold the position of power in which you can freely take decisions that benefit the company and its employees.

Q4. Why do you want to work in Britannia?
Answer:Talk about the highlights of the company and show that you would like to be associated with the prestigious brand. You should also talk about how the company can help your growth and how you can in turn contribute to the growth of the company.

Q5. What makes you think that you are better than the other candidates for this job profile?
Answer:Your ability to comprehend the situations accordingly and take up respective roles could be your biggest advantage. You need to talk about your strengths here and highlight how they give you an edge over others.

Q6. What skills do you have that you think will be an asset to Britannia?
Answer:You could mention certain skills such as discipline, time management, ability to work well in culturally diverse teams and other skills. However, do not overdo the answer because it could make it seem less credible.

Q7. Tell us about your past experiences that will help you in this job.
Answer:To answer this question, you need to study the requirements of the job you have applied for. Based on these requirements, narrate a few experiences where relevant skills are highlighted.

Q8. Why are you thinking of a job change?
Answer:While answering this question, do not imply that you are frustrated with your previous job. You could say that the you are looking for evolving more and are looking for new challenges. Also say that you feel your skills are apt for the job in Britannia.

Q9. What are your career goals?
Answer:Talk about where you see yourself a decade from now. You also need to say why you want to reach that position.

Q10. How comfortable/uncomfortable are you relocating to another city?
Answer:Answer this question honestly. If you are not comfortable relocating, admit it because you could land up in a very uncomfortable position if you are selected but are needed to relocate.

Q11. What have you learned from the challenges you faced in your previous job?
Answer:Answer this question by highlighting how your previous job helped you grow professionally and personally. Mention a few specific character traits such as team work, change management and stress handling. You can add more value to the answer by quoting an incident.

Q12. If you would have been in the position of the interviewer, how would you assess yourself?
Answer:I would assess myself based on my skills and find myself suitable for the job.

Q13. Which Britannia products have you used? Which is your favorite and least favorite and why?
Answer:You need about products that you have actually used so that you can give a realistic answer to this question. Before attending the interview, use some products so that you can answer this one.

Q14. What is your greatest weakness? What steps have you taken to change it?
Answer:Every person has weaknesses. The objective of this question is to check where the candidate has the ability to accept his or her shortcomings and overcome them. So, talk about one of your weaknesses that you have been able to overcome.

Q15. Do you want to know anything about Britannia?
Answer:For this question, do not ask basic questions about the company profile. However, you would be smart to ask questions about upcoming projects, challenges that the company faces or something else.

Q16. What has been the most difficult decision that you had to take in life?
Answer:This question tells the interviewer about your priorities in life. Most companies today do not want employees who give top priority to any one aspect in life. You need to come across as a person who can strike a balance between work, pleasure, family and friends. So, think of a suitable answer here.

Q17. How much salary do you expect?
Answer:Your expectation should be realistic but more than what was offered in your previous job. Check out the Internet or talk to some of the employees in Britannia to know about pay scales.

Q18. What do you think will your resume look like five years from the present?
Answer:You can talk about where you see yourself five years from now. You need to mention that you look forward to adding more to your list of skills and achievements.

Q19. What has been your least favorite experience in your last/current job?
Answer:Make it a point not to blame your previous boss or colleagues because you come across as a bad team player. Mention an experience where you were personally involved, perhaps interacting with a difficult client.

Q20. What is more important to you – successful career or happy family life?
Answer:Both are important and one is incomplete without the other. However, if you have to make a choice, you should choose family.

Q21. Introduce yourself.
Q22. Tell us about your hobbies.
Q23. What other job experiences have you had before you applied to Britannia?
Q24. What has been the most important contribution to your last company?
Q25. Describe a situation in your previous company when you had a disagreement with your boss.

Interview Questions and Answers for Manager and Management Trainee Positions

Q26. What do you think makes you “innovative”?
Answer:Talk about an incident where you came up with an out of the box experience. Mention skills that you used to make it happen.

Q27. Describe an incident where you had to manage a team.
Answer:Talk about the experience and mention your successes as well as challenges. It is very important to mention how you were able to address difficult situations and keep the team together.

Q33. Which management division in Britannia do you think is ideal for the skills you have?
Answer:Mention the current position that you have applied for. Mentioning some other position shows your lack of focus.

Q34. How can your previous experiences help you in your job at Britannia?
Answer:Answer this question based on the skills that you have mentioned in the resume or spoken about during the interview. Talk about how those skills can add value to Britannia if you are hired.

Q36. Which product of Britannia would you change in order to increase its sale?
Answer:You need to know about the performance of Britannia in the market to answer this question. Pick  a product that has not been doing well and talk about what the product lacks in.

Q38. What steps would you suggest to improve the revenue of Britannia?
Answer:Identify places where Britannia has not been doing well and mention methods you would use to overcome the shortcomings. You could also talk about optimising on the products that are doing well already and generating more revenue from them.

Q39. Describe a way to sell ‘biscuits made for adults’ to customers?
Answer:Focus on the mentality of adults and what the latest generation of adults look for. Outline a strategy that can cater to the adult mindset. You need an understanding of the market for this answer.

Q40. What characters make a successful management professional?
Answer:The ability to manage various aspect such as time, manpower, stress and others. Communication skills and the ability to analyse different situations is crucial. You could also mention some other skills that you think are important.

Q42. Why did you choose to study _____ (specialization) in MBA?
Answer:You answer should reflect that you were genuinely interesting in studying the subject because you understood that you have an aptitude for it.

Q43. What managerial duties do you find to be your least favorite?
Answer:Do not talk about duties that are required of you in Britannia. However, you could mention certain other duties that you are not comfortable with.

Q44. Do you believe in competition or teamwork?
Answer:Teamwork with a healthy sense of competition is the best combination. However, this is not always possible because competition gives rise to some ill will among team members. In such situations, it is the duty of the team manager to diffuse the situation and ensure success. Both are important because competition stimulates people.

Q45. Which are the three most favorite Britannia TV ads? Why?
Answer:The reasons are important here. Talk about how the ads build brand equity of the company and project it in a positive and customer-friendly light.

Q47. What do you understand by the term “brand management”?
Answer:Brand management involves three aspects – building a positive image, taking steps to retain it and diffusing negative situations in the bud.

Q48. Describe the incident when you were applying to Britannia. What was going on in your mind?
Answer:By asking this question, the interviewer wants to know whether you were sure about applying to Britannia. The answer to this question also highlights your decision making and analysis skills. So, answer confidently and say that you were looking forward for an interview and subsequent job.

Q49. Tell us your understanding of the biscuit industry in India.
Answer:Mention statistics about biscuit industry. You also need to talk about customer behaviour here and trends in the market. Before attending the interview, study market trends so that you can justify your answer with facts and figures.

Q35. Tell us about your experience in ___ (job profile you applied for like sales or marketing or finance etc.).
Q37. Give us a SWOT analysis of Britannia Industries.
Q38. What do you know about “Taxation”?
Q39. Tell us your understanding of the company Britannia?
Q40. What do you understand by the term “benchmarking”?
Q41. How would you explain the different types of inflation to a person who has no educational background in economics or finance?
Q42. Tell us your understanding of the different phases of a product’s life cycle.
Q43. What is the market share of Britannia in the dairy industry?
Q44. What do you think is the most important job of a/an ____ (job position like HR, Marketing Manager etc.) is?
Q45. Tell us an incident where you had to pacify a heated argument in your professional life?

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