Interview Questions for BSNL

The selection process in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited entails an all India examination of JTO conducted by UPSC (India). The two papers that candidates have to appear for are the General Technical papers and the specific technical papers.

Q1.Why do you want to join BSNL?
Q2.What are your expectations from a job at BSNL?
Q3.What kind of marketing strategies, do you think, should BSNL adopt, in the face of such stiff competition?
Q4.Tell us about a little bit about your own qualities as an employee.
Q5.Do you have any questions for us?
Q6.Name the foreign minister of Venezuela.
Q7.What is an RF amplifier of an A.M biased in---- (a) Class b (b) Class A (c) Class C (d) None of them
Q8.Tell us what you know about our company.
Q9.Are you attending interviews at other companies as well?
Q10.How do you deal with cut throat competition in your professional life?
Q11.Choose the correct option from the following---- You can reduce sparking between contacts by (a) Capacitor in series with contacts (b) Resistance in the line (c) Capacitor in parallel with contacts (d) By nine of these
Q12.Would you be comfortable in relocating if asked to?
Q13.What are oscillator crystals made of----- (a) Quartz (b) Silicon (c) Germanium (d) None of these
Q14.Tell us a bit about your marketing skills.
Q15.Can you tell us about the biggest news related to BSNL that is doing the rounds at present?
Q16.Tell us about a little of your work experience as a whole.
Q17.Why should we hire you?
Q18.Can you tell us anything about polarization?
Q19.How good a team player do you think you are?
Q20.Tell us a bit about your communication skills.
Q21.Tell us about your views of the telecom industry.
Q22.Tell us about the most common risks involved in the telecom industry and also state ways of mitigating them.
Q23.Why are you thinking of quitting your present job?
Q24.What do you think are the top 3 skills required for a position in the telecom sector?
Q25.Tell us in detail about what you have learnt from your mistakes in this field. Has there ever been a moment when you felt like you have let your company down in a major way? How did you deal with it?

Technical Interview Questions at BSNL

Q26.Tell us how you would differentiate between CCS and CAS signaling processes.
Q27.Can you tell us anything about the super magnetic field?
Q28.How important do you think signaling is for the telecom industry?
Q29.What do you mean by simple supply? What is PWM? What is the advantage of PWM over simple supply? Please explain this in detail.
Q30.State the most significantly common modulation technique that can be used for telegraphy
Q31.Which among these types of capacitor is polarized---- (a) Mylar (b) Electrolytic (c) Paper (d) Ceramic ( e) None
Q32.Tell us the frequency at which you would sample "voice".
Q33.Please choose the correct answer---- What is the voltage, that is induced in a wire loop rotating in steady and strong magnetic field called--- (a) dc (b) ac (c) pulsating dc (d) rectified ac
Q34.State the kinds of digital modulations techniques
Q35.Is electric shock always fatal?
Q36.What is the maximum decimal number that a byte can accommodate?
Q37.Which among these is the most common core mineral for high frequency but small size coil---- (a) Powdered Ion (b) Air (c) Steel (d) Ferrite
Q38.What is function of the front end filter in a distortion factor meter?
Q39.What do you know about NGN? Can you tell us about two of its features and applications?
Q40.What do you mean by an input gate of FET?

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