Interview Questions for Business Analyst

50 important business analyst interview questions which will help you to prepare better for your interview. Make sure your answers are not too long and have all the information your that your interviewer is looking for.

Q1.What are the different modeling and analyzing methods and techniques which you consider to be the most effective? Explain.
Q2.Name a few important factors a business analyst should keep in mind while making a business plan?
Q3.What are the materials/ diagrams used to understand and explain technical information and customer needs?
Q4.Tell us about some of the important business cases you have been a part of. What were your responsibilities in the engagements?
Q5.Tell us about long range plans you have made for your previous company.
Q6.What are the points one should keep in mind, while determining a Business Intelligence tool?
Q7.Tell us about the tasks a business analyst should implement while two organizations are merging, in order to make it successful. Also mention the process of implementation of the tasks.
Q8.While working with particular document prerequisites, how does a business analyst make Use Cases? Describe the steps involved.
Q9.What are three very common diagrams used by business analysts?
Q10.What do you understand by basic flow?
Q11.What do you understand by exception flow?
Q12.What do you understand by alternate flow?
Q13.Differentiate between alternate flow, exception flow and basic flow in Used Cases?
Q14.Tell us about Potter’s Five Forces Analysis. How is it important to a business analyst?
Q15.Tell us about the information a business plan should include.
Q16.What is a Use Case Diagram?
Q17.What do you understand by White Box Testing?
Q18.What do you mean by Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?
Q19.What do you understand by Value Stream Mapping? How does it work?
Q20.What do you understand by Black Box Testing? When and where do we use it?
Q21.What do you understand by Platform as a Service (PaaS)?
Q22.What do you mean by OOAD?
Q23.What do you understand by Software as a Service (SaaS)?
Q24.What do you understand by the term Planning Poker?
Q25.What do you understand by cloud computing? Tell us about its pros and cons.
Q26.What do you understand by velocity in terms of an agile project?
Q27.What do you understand by Story Points? When and why are they used?
Q28.What do you understand by Cone of Uncertainty?
Q29.Differentiate between business rule and business policy.
Q30.What do you understand by the term SQL?

Q31.What do you understand by Debate Index?
Q32.Define User Stories.
Q33.Tell us about User Story life cycle.
Q34.Tell us about the advantages of using SaaS?
Q35.What do you understand by Service Oriented Architecture?
Q36.What do you understand by User Concentrated Design?
Q37.Which one of the two do you consider to be better, spiral development or waterfall development? Give reasons for your answer.
Q38.Explain the method of User Centered Design.
Q39.What do you mean by Personas?
Q40.What do you understand by application usability?
Q41.Explain database transaction.
Q42.What do you understand by OLTP system?
Q43.What do you understand by Pugh Matrix?
Q44.Explain Effects Analysis and Failure Model.
Q45.What do you understand by 8-Omega?
Q46.Explain the term Mis-Use Case.
Q47.What do you understand by Pareto Analysis? How and when do we use it?
Q48.What do you understand by the term Agile Manifesto?
Q49.What do you understand by the term BPMN Gateway?
Q50.Explain why a Business Analyst should use Kano Analysis.

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