Interview Questions for Cabin Crew


Q1. What according to you are the qualities that make a good flight attendant?
Q2. Why do you want to be a flight attendant?
Q3. How would you handle the situation if a passenger comes up to you with a complaint?
Q4. What according to you is bad customer service?
Q5. What would you do if a passenger who is commercially important complains about a fellow passenger who is equally important?
Q6. If there are more kids on the plane, and you have less number of toys, what would you do?
Q7. What would you do if you had to deal with a drunken passenger?
Q8. Why do you think you are the best candidate for the job of cabin crew?
Q9. What according to you is good customer service?
Q10. If a passenger offers you a tip, will you accept it?
Q11. What would you do if a passenger misbehaves with you?
Q12. What do you think are the responsibilities of a cabin crew?
Q13. What is the best thing about being a flight attendant?
Q14. Can you anticipate what a passenger requires?
Q15. Do you think it is a good decision to make a child sit in an exit row?
Q16. If you notice one of your colleagues being rude to a passenger, what would you do?
Q17. How would you handle a passenger who is angry?
Q18. How would you pacify a passenger who is scared to fly?
Q19. Have you ever come across a passenger who has made a demand that is unrealistic in nature?
Q20. Tell us about a situation where you keep your cool and handled a difficult passenger.
Q21. What according to you is exceptional customer service?
Q22. Is there a difference between exceptional customer service and good customer service?
Q23. What is the importance of smiling as a cabin crew?

Q24. Did you ever have to follow an instruction that was not appropriate under the circumstances?
Q25. Why do you want to join our airlines?
Q26. Do you think it is important for a cabin crew to have good communication skills?
Q27. Which are the negative qualities that a cabin crew should not have?
Q28. Do you like being around people?
Q29. Do you think a cabin crew should be aware of the various cultures?
Q30. Will you be able to handle multiple tasks? Had there been any incidents where you handled multiple tasks at a time?


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