Interview Questions and Answers at Canara Bank

General interview Questions at Canara Bank

Q1.Why do you want to join Canara Bank?
Ans.The interviewee can briefly reply that Canara Bank has a well established legacy in banking (over 100 years old) and has had an uninterrupted run of profits since it was established. Therefore the bank offers a new recruit the perfect professional working environment for achieving his or her career goals.

Q2.What is your opinion on the unionism outlook?
Ans.Since this is a question that can invite controversy, try to take an impartial stand

Q3.Share your knowledge on the RBI.
Ans.RBI is India’s principal bank that was established in 1935 and is the exclusive banking authority to issue currencies and coins of all denominations. It acts as a banker to other banks in the country and also regulates the financial system. You can briefly enumerate the other principal functions of RBI.

Q4.What do you mean by core banking?
Ans.When the networked branches of a particular banking corporation separately deals with its retail customers- a group that is regarded as the core or hub of business clients by most banks-it is known as core banking. It is distinguished from corporate banking that has to do with the commercial aspects of large organizations.

Q5. “Pleasure out of work” or “work out of pleasure” – which one is your motto?
Ans.Both, since work and pleasure complement each other and one won’t be able to work effectively if one does not get satisfaction out of his or her work.

Q6. Tell us what you know about Hitler’s life, his policies and his motto.
Ans.For answering this question, you can research online. Since banks these days need to pursue their activities with aggression, knowledge about Hitler’s belligerent and aggressive policies might help.

Q7. What do you mean by repo rate?
Ans.Repo rate is an abbreviation of repurchase agreement and it is defined as the rate at which RBI advances money to commercial banks.

Q8. Who has written the book "The God of Small Things"?
Ans.Arundhati Roy.

Q9. How do you think you can contribute to the banking industry?
Ans.You can answer humbly and honestly that you’re just too insignificant as an individual to make a noticeable impact on the banking industry but nevertheless you’ll try your level best to work with complete dedication.

Q10. What is the headline of today’s newspaper?
Ans.Just keep yourself updated on what’s happening around the world on a daily basis and you’ll be able to answer this question comfortably.

Q11. Describe your leadership skills.
Ans.Enumerate the skills that a leader or manager should possess like communication skills, teamwork skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, instant decision taking skills, and other soft skills. Most importantly a leader should know when to lead from the front and when to follow others.

Q12. What is inflation? Mention some important steps to curb inflation.
Ans.Inflation is said to occur when the prices of goods or services in an economy goes up with a corresponding fall in the exchange value of money. Fixing exchange rate, boosting economic growth, and following a stringent monetary policy are some measures undertaken to check inflation.

Q13. In which role would you like to see yourself- a leader or manager? What kinds of people do you generally avoid working with?
Ans.A leader is a manager in many respects and vice versa. Since you’d be working in a bank, naturally you’d aspire to be a manager and as a manager, you’ll have to work in co-operation with all your subordinates.

Q14. Define Indian Economy.
Ans.The Indian Economy that used to be predominantly agrarian is now largely service oriented and it is 12th largest of all economies in the world. You can elaborate the answer by speaking about the salient features of the Indian economy.

Q15. Who is the governor of RBI?
Ans.D. Subbarao.

Q16. State the types of loans a bank can give.
Ans.Home loans, commercial loans, corporate loans, personal loans, education loans, NRI loans, loans against properties, refinancing loans and so on.

Q17. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Ans.Answer to this question would be subjective. As a new bank employee, you’d want to become the manager of your branch.

Q18. Name the foreign banks of India.
Ans.Just go online to find the names of foreign banks doing business in India.

Q19. Are you a team player? How would you react to a situation when you are assigned with a task which you don’t like but your team mates are very excited about?
Ans.Since you’re applying for a bank job, naturally you should be flexible working with a team. For the next question, you can answer that you’ll gracefully accept to carry out the task with co-operation from other team members without letting your differences come to the fore.

Q20. What do you know about Canara bank?
Ans.Research on the bank’s history and answer in a nutshell. Focus on how the institution has evolved since it was founded and its core competency areas. Speak briefly about how the bank has adjusted itself with the times and its online presence.

Q21. Are you willing to join any industry other than banking?
Ans.Answer to this question will depend upon the candidate.

Q22. Whose signature is there on a 100 rupee note?
Ans.The governor of RBI.

Q23. What is GDP?
Ans.GDP stands for gross domestic product and it is defined as the exchange value of the entire output (goods and services) of an economy within a prescribed timeframe.

Q24. Who is the president of RBI?
Q25.Would you be able to relocate if and when required?
Q26. What do you have to say about the recent Presidential elections?
Q27. Say something about the present economic scenario?
Q28. What kind of opportunities does the banking industry have in this scenario?
Q29. Who is the VP of RBI?
Technical Interview Questions and Answers at Canara Bank

Q30.Name the types of dbms
Q31. What do you know about transport layer?
Q32. What do you mean by data integrity?
Q33. What do know about end-to-end-sales?
Q34. State the difference between relational and hierarchical structure in dbms.
Q35. What do you mean by ethical hacking?
Q36. Say something about the existing Labor Laws.
Q37. Say something about Linux.
Q38. Define neural works.

Q39. What is firewall?

Interview questions for Probationary Clerks at Canara Bank

Q40.Describe your accounting background.
Q41. What do you mean by Stock Broking?
Q42. Do you have any experience in Financial Services?
Q43. Say something about your exposure to the banking industry.
Q44. What kind of Office Administration experience do you have?

Interview questions for Manager- Computer Programmer at Canara Bank

Q45.Share your knowledge of Foxpro.
Q46. What kind of experience do you have in database management?
Q47. What do you mean by Crystal Reports?
Q48. What do you know about D2K? Tell us what you know about Windows.
Q49. Describe your Oracle skills.
Q50. Tell us about your experience in Software Development.
Q51. What do you know about VB? Share your Dot Net, C and Cobol skills.

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