Interview questions related to Career Goals

Interview questions for Career Goals

1.What are your short term goals?
2.What are your long term career goals?
3.How are you working towards your aim in your life?
4.How would you differentiate between your ambition and your goals?
5.What is your dream job?
6.Do you think the present post you have applied for will take you closer to your dream job?
7.How do you intend to hone your skills for achieving your goal in life?
8.Do you think your career is shaping up the way you want?
9.If we hire you what will be the one thing that you will try to achieve from this job?
10.Tell us about your present aspirations.
11.Suppose you were asked this question three years back--- “Where do you see yourself three years from now?” ---what would you have answered?
12.Tell us about the one thing that might make you leave this job.
13.What kind of goals have you set for your personal life? Are they compatible with your professional goals?
14.What are your weaknesses? Do you think these weaknesses will act as a hindrance towards achieving your professional goals?
15.What are your strengths? Do you think these strengths will prove effective in future?
16.Did you choose your academic courses keeping your dream job in mind?
17.Can you explain the rationale behind each of your career moves till now?
18.Why do you think that you will be successful in this job?
19.Do you think your career goals have changed in the last five years?
20.Is there any one particular incident in your previous job which has affected your career goals?
21.What kind of courses did you do to enhance your aspirations?
22.If your dream job demands that you dedicate more time towards it and less to your family how would you try to strike a balance?
23.Why do you want to follow the career which you have chosen for yourself?
24.Tell us about the major pros and cons of the career you have chosen for yourself.
25.How would you try to capitalize on the pros of your career choice?
26.How would you handle the cons of your dream job?
27.What makes you think that you will be able to succeed in your dream job?
28.Do you think any other high paying job can keep you away from your dream job?
29.In future if one of your junior’s advice is more appreciated than yours how would you react to such a situation?
30.If you feel that you have a better idea than your boss for a future project would you speak up?
31.Would you ever leave your job for your family and vice versa?
32.Do you think that you have worked really hard to get where you are now?
33.Which one of these two attributes do you think will get you closer towards your goals in life--- hard work or planning?
34.What kind of knowledge about your choice of career you can share with us?
35.Tell us about the moment when you zeroed in on your career choice.

36.Tell us about the most important quality one needs to have in order to be successful in the career you have chosen for yourself.
37.Are you at any point of time afraid of the fact that you might not be able to achieve your goals in life?
38.Did you depend on any kind of career advice while choosing your career path?
39.Are you aware of the competition in your chosen career field?
41.How did you think an MBA degree would have helped in your career?
42.What do you think is the future of Software Engineers?
43.Why did you change your field from reporting to writing?
44.Your CV says that your key interest is writing, then why are you interviewing for the post of manager?
45.Why are you so interested in Social Media management?
46.Do you think you have all the skills to make it big in the software industry?
47.Tell us about some of your skills which you think would help you in the retail industry.
48.What makes you stay away from your family business?
49.What kind of job opportunities does an MBA have abroad?
50.Do you think you will be able to make fashion technology more popular in India?

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