Interview Questions - CDAC

General Interview Questions- CDAC

1) A shopkeeper has a profit of 10% after selling product C at INR 22 per kilogram. C is the mixture of A and B. Find out the cost of B if A costs INR 14 per kilogram.
2) What do you mean by DlgProc?
3) State the output of the following program

charp[]= %d\n;
p[1] = c c;

4) Rate your SDK skills.
5) What do you know about System Modal?
6) In the given expression 4+5*9/3*27=9 which two signs should you interchange so that the expression is evaluated at 13.
7) Tell us something about MFC
8) State the difference between arraylist and vector
9) What kind of role did you play in your previous project?
10) What do you know about MOS and CMOS?
11) State the major differences between sqlserver and ms access
12) When are arrays preferred over linked list?
13) Tell us about static linking in detail. How is it different from dynamic linking?
14) Share your knowledge on TTL and ECL.
15) What do you know about output caching? What do know about page caching?
16) What do you mean by cookie testing?
17) State the output of the following:
int a=3, b=5, c=50;

18) Name the events in lsmw.
19) What are dynamic link libraries?
20) What is the number of 43 in 2s compliment?
21) What is IP?
22) Choose the correct option

State which one of these is not a network operating system?

a) Windows 95
b) Windows for workgroup over MSDOS
c) Novell Netware
d) None of the above

23) State the antonym of forget.
24) What do you know about Dwevice context?
25) For which purpose is the Frame Relay protocol used?
26) Name the GDI objects.
27) What is the unit for data at Transport Layer?
a) Frame
b) Segment
c) Bits
d) Packet.

28) What do you know about Token Ring network?
29) What is garbage collector in java?

Interview Questions for Senior Software Developers at CDAC

30) Tell us about your software estimation experience.
31) Describe your C# skills.
32) Describe your Servlet and JSP skills.
33) Rate your client interaction skills.
34) What kind of experience do you have in project co ordination?
35) Share your XML skills with us.
36) What do know about .NET 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0?
37) What kind of exposure do you have in marketing?
38) Tell us about your Java skills.
39) How would you rate your JDBC skills?

Interview Questions for Project Engineers at CDAC

40) Share your knowledge on MATLAB.
41) Tell us about Genome sequence Analysis in detail
42) Rate your PYTHON skills
43) What kind of UNIX skills do you have?
44) What do you know about molecular modeling?

Interview Questions for Web Designers at CDAC

45) What are your views on internet business?
46) How would you rate your multi-tasking abilities?
47) Share your knowledge on Adobe Dreamweaver.
48) What do you know about Adobe Illustrator?
49) Tell us about the latest design technologies.
50) Do you have any expertise in flash content creation?

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