Interview Questions - Cisco

General Interview Questions – Cisco

Q1.Why do you want to quit your present job?
Q2.Tell us something about your strengths.
Q3.Find the difference between the radiuses of 2 concentric circles when the difference between their perimeters is 66.
Q4.Describe some of the projects you have worked on.
Q5.What is nmos? What is cmos? Which one of the two is more advantageous?
Q6.How long can you stay with us if we hire you?
Q7.Where do you see yourself in five years?
Q8. Can you tell us what is the length of the largest diagonal in a 1 unit cube?
Q9.Why do you want to work for Cisco?
Q10.Name the search which cannot be applied for linked list implementation.
Q11. A coffee shop combines two kinds of coffee. It puts a part of 24p/gm and two parts of 33p/gm. Find out how much profit will the shop make if they change the mixture to one part of 33p/gm and two parts of 24p/gm.
Q12. Describe your roles and responsibilities in your current organization.
Q13. Tell us something about Round Robin, LIFO and FIFO.
Q14. Why should Cisco hire you?
Q15. Tell us about a situation when you were successful in solving a problem at your previous job.
Q16. X numbers of men agree to buy a gift worth INR Y. If three men refuse to pay the amount, how much more will each man have to contribute?
Q17. Describe your biggest weaknesses.
Q18. A 3 hours examination paper has 200 questions in it. 50 of these questions are Mathematics problems. It has been suggested that twice as much time should be dedicated to each Mathematics problem as for each of the questions from other sections. Find out how much time should be spent on the Maths problems.
Q19.Choose the correct option:
For every processor its minimum frequency of operation is always specified for:
a) Making it compatible with other processor
b) Interfacing slow peripherals
c) Dynamic memory refreshing.
20. Tell us something about your previous job.
21. How do you think Cisco will benefit from your skills?
22. Tell us about your internship experiences.
23. Find out the value of a in 2^a=a^3 when operation ^ is defined by x^y=2x+y.
24. What does a linker do?
25. What is piggybacking?
26. Why is context free grammar useful?
27. Find out the output of the following program:
i=20, k=o;
for(j=1;j{ k+=j<10?4:3; }
printf(“%d”, k);
28. Explain in detail the associativity of cache.
29. Can you convert a HEX number to OCTAL?

Technical Interview Questions at Cisco

30. What is a sliding window?
31. State the difference between global variable and static variable.
32. How can two different threads share information?
33. Describe singleton Design pattern in detail.
34. Describe your DS concept.
35. What is AJAX?
36. Explain cloud computing in detail.
37. How would you ascertain whether a serial port is sending or receiving data?
38. Say something about Oracle.
39. What do you know about Linux?
40. Explain how a router works.

Interview questions for Customer Support Engineer (Technical Assistance Centre) at Cisco

41. Describe your routing and switching skills.
42. What do you know about Application Networking?
43. Do you have any experience of giving cross training?
44. Describe any situation in your professional life when you emerged as an effective team player.
45. Describe your customer engagement skills.
46. Share your knowledge of IT Architecture.
47. What do you know about VOIP?
48. What kind of network security skills do you have?
49. Describe your communication skills.
50. How will you work towards product enhancement if we hire you?

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